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Soup wine pairings


I’ve said before on the community how much I love salad and vegetables in general and as the weather is starting to turn I tend to start making more soups.

For me, a lot of the time a hearty soup is a dinner meal but I guess I struggle sometimes with wine pairings.
I’ve just popped this in the oven to roast some peppers, garlic, tomatoes, onions, beetroot etc so I can blend into a soup a little later on. I think I would something quite earthy with it like this Frappato:

and I think this would also go well with it:

I happen to like both these wines but have neither in the cellar. I would welcome any other suggestions and I’m not adverse to a white either.


No particular wine suggestions I’m afraid, but any favourite soup recipes greatly received!!


I think I would take a view on the most dominant flavour in the mix and go from there. So if say the red peppers are the likely dominant then my trusty wine matcher suggests low tannin, fruity reds such as Beaujolais, Aussie Shiraz, Tempranillo esp Navarra Crianza.


I agree. Go with dominant flavours - looks like there’s a nice mix of vegetables, so I would go with an earthy Cinsault, or a Spanish Garnacha. A Mencia might work nicely too.


I normally reach for the sherry.


ooooh interesting! Hadn’t thought of that


Inbar recommended a Cinsault and I can recommend this one from SA , Waitrose currently have it on offer.



I think that is the nail hit on the head. I had chicken consomme paired with manzanilla in a restaurant and it worked beautifully. In fact, this was my first ever taste of sherry. No turning back…

Incidentally I have a lot of beetroot to use up and this thread is a good nudge in the soup direction… you cannot roast them all.


Either that is a tiny oven or you are going to eat the same soup for weeks…


Who can resist a good borscht?!! :yum:


I was going to say, Amontillado is my go to wine for soup.


The selection you are about to roast (except the beet) looks like a gazpacho recipe in the making, so I too go with sherry.


Not too much there @szaki1974 :wink:, I’m sure I’ll manage it in a few days ! I have a manzanilla I could open … or I could save it for the #twstaste :grimacing:
Apologies, I’m having trouble with my camera :scream::fearful:


Sherry seems a good idea, and usually works also with cream soups, which are even worse to pair.