Somm TV!

Firstly, apologies if you quaffers are aware of this but I have not found anything on the community site to suggest as such so I thought I would share this with you all.

If (like me) you’re a fan of the Somm films, you might like to know that Somm TV has just launched. Think of it as Netflix for people who enjoy wine, it’s a subscription service where 100% original content is created along with the making the 3 films available,

New wine series include:

  • Blind Tastings: wine pros are recorded blind tasting wines
  • Verticals: different vineyard vintages
  • Wine is Beautiful: a general tour of different wine regions

More series are being created

I have subscribed, but not has much time to watch anything yet - but it looks as though the rigour that has gone into the films has found its way to this service. It’s on many platforms, ranging from Apple, to Android TV and you can choose from monthly or yearly subscriptions.

So if you’re struggling to open a bottle one evening, and want some stimulation, then this just might be the thing you need in your life :wine_glass::+1::wink: