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Somm- into the bottle


This is currently available on Netflix. Watched it last night and it’s great. Different opinions from different sommeliers on the importance of wine scoring.

One person interviewed described a sommelier as a person who opens a $5 bottle of wine with a $300 corkscrew.

Anyone else seen this programme?

Really loved it.



I have watched the first 2 of them, I believe the 3rd is out soon.


Have seen both aswell . The other series which is available is “A year in Champagne/Burgundy/Port” . Quite easy watching and worth a look .


Ooh thanks guys! I didn’t know they were on Netflix. I’ve seen A Year in Champagne and it was great, so I’ll check out the other two - especially Port! :smiley:

Are there any other cool wine-y things on Netflix/Prime/Now TV?


Watched the first two Somm films when visiting a friend in the US. Thought both excellent and offered some great insight. The only frustrating thing is that the first one isn’t available in the UK on Netflix


I can also highly recommend the third - very good! Cam be rented or bought through amazon I think


I always get Netflix and Amazon prime mixed up as I’ve got both so never remember what I’ve watched on which :upside_down_face:! @laura, if you haven’t seen the Rudi Kurniawan documentary you need to . It’s reaaly good and really well done ! I’ve watched it about 3 times now ! It’s called Sour Grapes :grapes::+1:!


I love all 3 of the SOMM films, my favorite is In to the bottle. You get to see the whole process and all the people that are involved in the process. I really enjoyed Sour Grapes, Rudi Kurniawan what a incredible story he was like a Wine version of Huge Hefner! I;ve seen a A year in… films does anyone have any other recommendations although I don’t think any can match In to the Bottle for me


The champagne one was brilliant. I was really fascinated with the cellars. How they turn the bottles (riddling) to get the sediment into the neck of bottle. One of the people in the film (think he was from Bollinger) said that there are currently around a billion bottles in cellars underneath the ground. One winemaker said that currently he had over half a million cellared. Can’t remember the figure quoted for how many miles of cellar space for champagne there is (think the figure was well into the hundreds) Will have to watch again to get the figure quoted. Truly fascinating.


You need to visit a large champagne house and you will then see how vast the cellars are … HUGE . Pommery or Veuve among others are pretty enormous :wink:!