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Somm 3 short film coming soon


Hi all,

I watched the first 2 Somm films on Netflix, I notice that there is now a 3rd film coming out soon, Decanter has a trailer for it as well:


… shined light on the secret, underground world of sommeliers.

Meeting in dank underground tunnels, known only to each other through their secret handshakes, watch as these shadowy elitists conspire to re-shape the entire world as we know it.

Sorry, @M1tch, couldn’t resist! What were 1 & 2 like?

(PS - shouldn’t that have been “shone”?)


I can’t wait!!! Great series


I really enjoyed the first two. Really looking forward to seeing the third. It’s got a stellar cast. The really frustrating thing is that Somm 1 isn’t on UK Netflix but rusty do have distribution rights. I only know this as I recently had a Twitter chat with the director himself where he told me. We both agreed it’s nonsense!