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Somlói Juhfark 2018

It’s back in stock ladies and gentleman!! Obviously I put a case in reserves before telling the rest of you :sweat_smile:!
This is amazing with a few years of age on it.


£16 ??? Sorry that should have been £16 !!!

‘Kolonics’. just to check…for drinking and nothing else (in a gwyneth paltrow sytleee) :rofl:

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please someone get the ‘Juhfark’ joke out of the way and then we can start discussing the wine

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It sounds like someone needs to invent a Somloi joke to make it 3 for 3.

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Never had this wine, is this a TWS cult banger that needs to be bought on sight…?

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@winelad, absolutely, even better with a few years age on it :wink:.

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We weren’t fans of the previous vintage.

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You maybe drank it too young!

Some more info and the tws taste event it was tasted at.


I feel some heading into the reserves shortly, then i guess i’ll have to throw in some Au Bon Climat to bulk it out. The struggle is real


It would be rude not to :wink: :laughing:

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How many years age required Leah

Hi Stephen, I think leaving it for 4 plus years helps the wine to develop in bottle , I recently drank a 2015 and it had already started to show further complexity and tertiary flavours .