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Something rotten in the State of St Em!

Another one bites the dust!


seems to be all about a spat over not recognising their “Terroir.” (that great spiritual marketing tool…)

biting dust or toys out of pram?

The thing is these Chateau - the premier grand cru classe A and B - can afford to pull out of it. Their classification is really quite redundant; they are marketed on their own individual fame and branding. For the medium level chateau I suspect that ‘classe’ makes a significant difference to the prices they can charge. Most do not have the fame to stand on their name alone.


If it is about terroir then it is more like throwing the dust out of the pram…

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I don’t think the issue is about the terroir, I think it is more about the fact that it has become less important in the marketing process. Social Media and Influencers did not exist back in the day and now appear to carry a lot of weight (even in the ranking process) which those that have let the classification do not agree with.
@MikeFranklin is correct in that they do not need the classification at that level but I could easily see the whole system imploding and needing to be re-evaluated with the more modern criteria included.


Even then, they’ve been at a disadvantage for a long time - I think quality of the produced wine has only ever counted for 50% or less of the classification criteria. A large weight was given to history of the property. In theory Ausone and La Gaffeliere are already at a huge advantage.

Having said that, it seems odd that their terroir is suddenly coming into question having been a classe B for so long. If the critics are to believed, they have had a lot of recent success after years of poor performance.

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As per Pomerol, where they just do it all on reputation and marketing.


But who needs Influencers or Social Media when you’ve got the free publicity of literally everyone talking about your hissy fit?

It’s the cleverest marketing strategy of them all. Expect an equally public act of contrition in the nearish future if this doesn’t improve sales (which of course means price).

And if you want the really cynical modern policy, remove next to all information about your product from the public sphere and watch prices rocket. :sunglasses:


I’m not talking about it. Doh!


Come on then TWS Community…Who’s going to be next to leave the St Em Classification?

My money is on chateau Pavie

I’m not sure about that, as there will be value for them (assuming they keep their “A” status) in being “the only premier grand cru classe A” for their marketing. I’d suspect it’ll be Figeac, Canon or someone similar who (like La Gaffeliere) are sulking that they’ve not been promoted to “A” or being demoted from even being “B”.


For my guess I’m going to go ultra leftfield and say Tetre Roteboeuf are going to join the system.

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I think you’re right, my money’s on Figeac!

According to Jane Anson this is the latest resignation.

Château la Gaffelière
leaves the
St Emilion ranking

Errr it is the title of this thread?

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A great wine if you add an ‘r’.