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Somehow seeming topical


This came up on my FB page this morning and was quite close to some of my recent thinking.


Very disturbingly funny video, thanks @andy999 … The silence is deafening on this thread…

… also somewhat topical.


Yes, I agree with both your sentiments. I did expect a bit more reaction but perhaps the video makes its own points well enough.
Another possibility is that people have aready seen it. You never know with things on the internet - maybe you’re the last person to see them.!


This is great @Andy999, and he can actually sing too :smile:
Soooo True!!


We’re too scared to shout out our opinions…!! I know I am! :zipper_mouth_face:

… But seriously - a truly entertaining clip, and a lot of truth amongst the jest. What particularly resonates is our (very human?) tendency to only listen to voices that agree with us, or say things we ‘get’ or relate to. I’ve had this sort of discussions with my other half quite a lot - especially in relation to political arguments (of which we had many over the years!).

I think I’m much more tolerant than him of opinions I don’t agree with. And I’m from Israel - so there’s plenty of disagreeing voices I had to listen to over the years…


And lets not get started on the “Michael Jackson” documentary…:woozy_face::see_no_evil:


Having just had the absolute pleasure of meeting @Andy999 face-to-face in our Showroom, I thought I’d catch up on some posts and watch this video at last. It’s so brilliant! :smiley:

Really resonated with me - when I was much younger I was so easily dragged into online debates, and could spend(or waste!) hours arguing with strangers, never achieving anything except raised blood pressure. :see_no_evil: Over the years it’s taught me to be more tolerant and level-headed - I once saw a video from a guy explaining that when you engage in online conflict, you’re taking on a ‘bomb’ of negativity and taking the impact of the explosion yourself, whereas if you don’t engage with trolls, the negativity ‘bomb’ stays with them and they’re the only ones who suffer. I try to practice that wherever possible!


I hope this isn’t too controversial but it certainly made me laugh and I hope others find it funny whatever side of the debate you are on. I give you Comic Relief does Brexit

This guy kept photobombing the interview the other evening. I just hope he made a sizeable donation to Comic Relief.:joy: