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Some you win... (IWC Merchant awards)


For info, here’s a full list of the category winners at the International Wine Challenge Merchant awards. The Society were multiple winners, but it was a good night too for Waitrose and Goedhuis, among others.


Genuinely surprised by all the Waitrose wins.

My local one rented out what was the wine dept (complete with knowledgeable trained staff) to Laura Ashaley and now has a seriously crap range of mass produced rubbish. Even the tiny fine wine section has nothing particularly fine except for Musar. They do have a good range of champagne I guess but its cheaper via the society.

Congrats to the society for their wins. Some other good names on there too like Yapp and a few of the big importers with interesting portfolios.


My local independent wine shop won the the south west and national award. Dunells premier wines. Fair play to them


IMO the South West winner La Vignoble isn’t even the best merchant in Bath!


Your post and @NickFoster’s appeared to contradict but I think you meant South and South East for Dunells :wink:


Aren’t these awards just made up?!


You are right south and south east.


In fairness to me I don’t see how Jersey is in the south east!