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Some very tempting Hungarian wines have just appeared on the website!


Wonder if Szaki74 or anyone else knows any more about these specific wines?

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This is very exciting indeed, I will comment more in depth later today… I am wondering if this is a selection from the new fine wine list that is due on Monday


St Andrea are one of my favourite producers and expect the two Bikavérs to be really nice and worth cellaring. The website says the variety is Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch), but they are both blends. The Áldás is Kékfrankos 33%, Merlot 29%, Pinot noir 12%, Cabernet franc 12%, Turán 5%, Cabernet sauvignon 4%, Kadarka 3% and Syrah 2%. The Hangács is Kékfrankos 50%, Pinot Noir 17% Merlot 16%, Cabernet Franc 12%, és Kadarka 5%. Me personally, I will (or rather have) buy a case of the Hangács.

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The Kadarka is also worth a try. Gál Tibor was a legend and apparently his legacy lives on. I don’t drink Kadarka from Eger as the real spiritual home of this grape is my beloved Szekszárd (sadly overlooked in this selection), but I will make an exception this time. In good hands it can sing, it will be pale and light bodied, but sometimes that is just what you need. Might I also say that 11.5% ABV is rare in a dry red… perfect for dry January (I know @robert_mcintosh…).


Finally, do not miss the Juhfark. I promise you you will love it and if not you get your money back from TWS… Honestly this is our best guarded secret, rare, unique and you just want more and more. I have not tried this or anything from Kolonics, but this is unique opportunity to taste something you have never tasted before…

So please do try this case… and let me know how the Heumann wines are…


Thanks for the heads-up; just pre-ordered two cases…
Love the name of the last one on the list: they clearly weren’t thinking of the English-speaking market for the name on that one!


Yeah, it does sound a bit rude :grinning:

I actually got a cheap Jufark from Lidl a couple of years ago for about £6 or £7, it was very good value, so looking forward to something a bit higher end.

Hungarian white varietals are so characterful!


That is the name of the guy who makes the wine, not much he can do about that.


Juhfark Kolonics

gnarrrf gnarrf :laughing:


Thanks @szaki1974, looking forward to trying some new Hungarian wine . :+1:


Seems I was right about the Fine Wine List that is now actually available on the website. The one wine that is not part of the mixed case is actually also very very interesting:

Single plot Dry Furmint from a top producer with a JR score of 17.5…


You are entirely correct about it being a section of our new Fine Wine List! :blush:

Couldn’t resist stocking up myself and looking forward to them.


We found the Juhfark very enjoyable.

This one is superb. It needs time open to develop its flavours, but by god it’s good!


I received my mixed case yesterday - not had a chance to try any yet but they sound very good.

I’m trying to persuade the family that our summer holiday should be at Lake Balaton this year - hope some of these wines might help bring my wife round to my side


I am glad you liked this. It will also cellar well.


Can I tempt you to start a new thread about it with some details (tagged with discovery)? It is exactly what I think that link should be for



@szaki1974 Yes, I get the impression that it will cellar for 10+ years. It has enough acidity and backbone to hold that through.


@robert_mcintosh I’d love to help, but after “new thread” you might as well have written the rest in swahili! If you send me PM with more detailed instructions I will do my best to oblige…


so we better stock up now


@szaki1974 I reckon so, I’m working to a new order and it will certainly have some of this in it.
I can also recommend this one:

Apart from the price it has a number of other similiarites, not least that it’ll just get better and better for the next 10+ years.