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Some upcoming EP offers (and how to join our private En Primeur group)

Hi everyone,

There’s about to be a whole string of new En Primeur offers launching, featuring producers/styles that get discussed here often, so I wanted to make you aware.

You can see a whole list here:

If you’re not already part of our private En Primeur discussions group, now would be a good time to join.

How to join our private En Primeur discussion group

  1. Click here to find the group - and simply click ‘Join’ in the top right
  2. Click here to view all the latest discussions in the group.

Hope this helps!



Thanks @laura. I will need to be selective or my bank balance will never forgive me and I haven’t even considered how my wife may view my spending!


There is often much wisdom to be found in old sayings. “Ignorance is bliss” springs quickly to mind!


Thanks @laura that does help with planning.

Hmm, 3 incoming lots with duty and VAT to pay. Hopefully there’s nothing too tempting in the Germany 2019 offer !

Edit - and reserves rental to pay in October. Bye bye Germany.

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@laura - Have TWS given any thought to a combined S Africa EP offer? It would be great to get some mixed cases involved!



(realistically I need to work out which of the Rioja’s and then I’m in for the Vergelegen and the Brunello).


I asked this during one of the Lunch with…'s (presumably with @PierreM) about Spain. He said that the non-Big French/Italian ones are likely to stay separate for the foreseeable future.


Thanks for the update @laura , good to see this being kept up to date and plenty to look forward to.

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any news on which brunellos will be in the offer?
(please move if this is in the wrong place)

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@bean, normally it is a bit later on, keep an eye on this thread for updates but it is looking to be around about October time this year.

I asked member services this recently and they said “I can cannot confirm the wines we will be including in the 2016 offer but I would expect it will include some, probably most of those here [in the 2015 offer] and I also think it will be a little bigger and so include others, too”.