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Some help with some pairings for a menu

Just a thought … why don’t you offer a couple of wines as per @DavidTheChemist suggestion but “blind” and see which ones they prefer with each course. Just cover the bottles in tinfoil :wink::wink:


I like these games! Here are some ideas, in order.


Love Serol wines. They do seem to get a few bad reviews on line, no idea why!


I’m really surprised that nobody’s yet mentioned sherry for the bread - a good fino or manzanilla could even probably carry through to the duck. These are all good.

For the duck, gewurztraminer is somewhat of a classic, and would also be something to widen horizons. Several on the list - this one is good quality, straight up-and-down gewurz, and ticks all the boxes that you’d need ticking:

Lightweight red sounds right for the chicken, and we’ve enjoyed that Marcillac - also something unlikely to have been on anyone’s radar.

@Leah’s idea of a blind tasting seems like a great way of making the evening interesting, too!


Try Fiona Beckett


Thank you all for your inputs. Very helpful. I think I will follow @Leah 's suggestion and serve them “blind”. These are the current front runners, but am still open to being swayed:

@NickFoster 's suggestion of an orange wine has got the better of my curiosity


This is the one I’m least sure about. Maybe, i should go for a riesling instead? (The Society’s Alsace blend has now sold out)

This has been on my wish list for a while. Thanks @Jcbl for the suggestion

As suggested by @DavidTheChemist

There are 16 of us there for a long weekend so I’ll be stocking up on for some general quaffing anyway. Top of the list is some Crasto on the 6 bottle case offer, so we’ll have something to sub in if anything bombs.

And plenty of The Society’s Cava to keep us in a celebratory mood.


And plenty of something still as well, I hope: those of us who really dislike all sparkling wine don’t find them ‘celebratory’.

Must be quite a few people like an Alsace blend then?

You could replace it with this Edelzwicker:


Or this one- delicious, though definitely not dry:


What makes you unsure? Tried gewurz and not a fan? Think it might be a bit too out there for your friends? Both are perfectly good reasons - just trying to understand your thinking.

I’d actually agree with @SPmember and not go for an Alsace blend, not because I think they’re bad or there are too many on the list (3 seems far from excessive), but because going for something varietal is a bit more distinctive, and more of a chance to broaden your friends’ taste horizons. Blends are by their nature more neutral than pure varietals. I guess it comes down to how much risk you want to take.


Claret lovers may Lynch you … careful :hushed::rofl:


Is that Lynch Bages?


Very fair cop! I was extremely imprecise in my wording there. There are many fine blends out there. It was Alsace edelzwicker and gentil to which I was referring…


I would probably go Gewurz rather than Riesling. However, I can see and understand why safety first might apply with an unknown group. I found with the WS blend that you could pick out two or three of the varietals with a bit of effort, and that might encourage newbies to try the flavours they liked?


Do you not think, though, that you can pick out those flavours because you already know what you’re looking (tasting?) for? Someone unfamiliar might struggle. I do see where you’re coming from, though - get a taste for the style, and maybe decide to branch out.

Agree on gewurz over riesling, by the way, and I say that as someone for whom riesling is the king of grapes.


Pinot Gris or Gruner V for me - always find they cut through the fat better

but we are all different!