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Some help with some pairings for a menu Mk2

After the fantastic advice for wine pairings for a previous weekend away with friends, I’ve come back to the well for more! I did learn a fair bit last around, so thank you.

Ideally, I’m probably looking at an average bottle price of less than £12.
Anyway this is the menu:

Salmon - Cucumber
Salmon micuit, variations of cucumber, fermented cucumber dashi

Pork - Apple - Parsnip
Pork Fillet, braised pork cheek, stuffed black pudding crumble, baked apple, crushed parsnip, cider jus

Chocolate - Peanut - Caramel
Peanut butter parfait, chocolate crumble, caramel sauce, chocolate sorbet

Thanks for any advice and suggestions


I think I would look at either a Society white Rioja or a Chardonnay from Macon, for example, Domaine Gonon, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse 2020 .

Both will meet the budget and cover starter plus main.
Sparkling water with dessert?



With dessert? Content warning: it is about as sweet as you can get! But delicious and a full bottle for £11.50 which will keep open in the fridge forever should you not finish it.

I haven’t had this but wonder if it might go well especially with the peanut element Cabidos Vin Doux, Cuvée Saint Clément, Petit Manseng 2015 50cl

And for the starter: Cava Sumarroca El Gran Amigo Gran Reserva 2017


I second Gonon Mâcon La Roche Vineuse 2020 to start

A carignan based wine would be good with pork

Or alternatively a cooler climate grenache with structure

Good cheap sweet wines are difficult to find but moscatel de Setubal is an exception


Great, thank you.

I had the Domaine Gonon Macon on my shortlist, but for the main course rather than starter! Although, I expect a red with the main would be a more popular choice, so will definitely look into Toby’s suggestions there.

Given the universal approval of the Gonon Macon, I think that gets the nod for the starter.

We’ll probably have something sparkling as an aperitif.

For dessert, the Nuy Red Muskatel is on my shortlist, I expect because the description said it went well with chocolate and cheese, and we’ll have a cheeseboard afterwards too. Sweet wine is definitely an area I lack knowledge so I’ll have a good look at the other suggestions.


The weekend has now passed and the wines were a success again, thanks.

The last time I did this with this group of friends I got a Cava, and it didn’t seem too popular. I think this is mainly bourne out of a snobbishness against Cava. They would rather drink cheap supermarket Prosecco. However, this time everyone seemed to like it!

The Gonon Macon had unfortunately sold out when I went to place the order, like a rabbit in the headlights i chose:
It was a lovely wine, and won universal approval from all 18 drinkers, this was the wine that got most compliments. This will be something I order again. I felt that perhaps it wasn’t subtle enough for the dish. There wasn’t as much oriental flavour from the dish and the pickle wasn’t as strong as I had expected.

This was excellent, I loved this wine, it will be one that I will be ordering for Christmas. Difficult for me to find the words to explain why, I am unsure what structure in wine tastes like, but I expect it is the structure that I enjoyed in this one, with what I’d describe as a restrained or balanced fruitiness. It was the wine that suited the dish it was paired with best.

Again very good. I probably drink sweet wines once a year (or less!), but found this very enjoyable. The dessert had some salt and another more savoury note, so I felt the wine was a little too sweet for it, but I was on my own on this. I have some left which I will enjoy over the festive period.

Thanks again for taking the time to come up some great advice.