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'Sold Out' Wines


Hopefully, somebody from The Wine Society will see this and will respond.

I had been keeping an eye on the wine below and keeping it in my basket, so that I could purchase when quantities got lower. A couple of days ago, there were six cases and around two bottles remaining, which is what it had been for a while. Suddenly, however, it showed as completely sold out. Whilst it’s possible that somebody came along and purchased the entire lot, I would have thought it unlikely. Alternatively, are wines removed from the site, when availability falls below six cases (in this case, 36 bottles) or is there some other reason?

This is the wine.


Well, just spoke to somebody at The Wine Society, who suggested that it may be because a stock error had been made in the warehouse and a new stock take had discovered that there were no bottles remaining. The gentleman, with whom I spoke, stated that wines are not removed from the website, when stocks fall below a certain level. In terms of the latter, I had wondered if this might be the case, given that I had read that the Stevenage store holds a number of wines that are not listed on the website, primarily because they are held in very low quantities.

It’s a shame about the German pinot, as I was curious to try it.


Welcome to the club of “just missed wines”! I’m pretty sure most of us have made a mental note to order something next time, only to see it sell out in short order.

I think to some extent we need to accept that this may happen increasingly. Some wines will only ever be available in very limited quantities. As the society grows, those wines will sell out ever more rapidly. But it is better that happens than that the society changes to offer only bulk wines available in vast quantities.


Actually, some good news, in that the wine is still available in the ‘German Pinot Noir’ case, so I have ordered this. Looks like a belter!


Puzzled why you should do this.


Sorry, should have been clearer. I have just purchased quite a bit of wine, so the cellar’s overflowing. Wanted to wait until some space opened up but obviously wanted to keep an eye on stocks, at the Wine Society, to avoid missing out.


I’ve done exactly this before now and ended up losing out! Which is annoying but just life. However there are a couple of ways you can lock a wine in:

  1. Order it but put it in reserves for a while. This can in fact be free. If they are not in reserves at your reserves anniversary date then you won’t be charged (however if you have them in reserves for just a week and they are there at that anniversary date then you pay a full year’s reserves fee). The TWS staff can tell you when your anniversary date is. I have used this once after TWS staff explained it to me.

  2. Order it but book the delivery up to a month out. Once ordered, even if not yet delivered, you have locked it in to you. Also you won’t pay until it is delivered. I have used this technique as well.


Thanks, Mike, that’s brilliant advice and neither option is one that I was previously aware of. Really appreciated, thanks.


The only thing about that second option is that it is a little dependant on where you live but it works for most of the UK. I live in the Highlands, though spend significant time each year down south. That option is only available to me when down south it is not available for deliveries to the far North and probably some other places; I would guess probably Northern Ireland and anywhere outside the UK.


North West England, so will work fine for me. Thanks again.


I remember, several years ago, there was an old Vouvray (Le Haut-Lieu Moelleux Vouvray 1996, I think) that was officially removed from sale, but if you phoned and asked for it by name you could still get it at the original price - a bargain at the time of phoning. This leaked out to the UK Wine Forum, and the result was that everybody who ordered got only a small quantity. I think I ordered 3 and received 1, which I thought was a nice gesture from TWS, and I was very happy.

The fact that you could buy it by phone was apparently a TWS cock-up, but the other part of the explanation given was that they had held back a small stock to use as replacements should any bottles turn out to be faulty. So, if that were true, it seems that at least SOMETIMES wine may be held back.

@Templeton - maybe that was what you had read?


No, it wasn’t that but had I been aware, I would have been one of the ones calling, as I love Huet and try to purchase something from each vintage. I think that I probably just inferred something from a comment on this forum, whereby it was mentioned that the Stevenage store has some bottles that aren’t listed on the website. Nice story though, so thanks for sharing.


I might be wrong, but I think the wines that are in the Showroom are removed from the stock available online and therefore if s wine runs out online it may still be available in the Showroom and vica versa.


That is my understanding too. I used to work near the showroom and often found a few bottles of things that were out of stock online. The bin ends section was great for finding things that only ended up there because of a damaged label or other cosmetic fault.

Showroom is definitely worth a visit for several reasons if you’re passing along the A1


Where does it show how much of a wine is in stock?


It doesn’t but you can find out by iteration in your order…e.g. plug in 50 cases and see if it comes up as out of stock…then reduce/increase to taste as it were.

Just remember not to click ‘buy’ when you’ve put 600 cases in for something… :slight_smile:


Ah that makes sense. They might a well publish the stock volume if that information is available indirectly anyway.


… which would actually be more useful as this technique does not work when there are very limited stocks and TWS restrict sales to a max number per member. Then that max number will appear to be the total stock!