Society's Spanish Red

Last night we had The Society’s Southern Spanish Red 2019. I’d bought it in 2021 and not opened it because there always seemed to be something more attractive.

It has a really naff label and name and guess what? It was lovely. Full of depth and flavour, a Monastrell (aka Mourvèdre) varietal from Jumilla. Was it so good because it had more bottle age?

Will never know but I’m going to get more and keep them. Of course I can’t get 2019 now, TWS has the 2022 with a new label and grape variety instead of ‘red’. But the price hasn’t changed too much.


I’m also a big fan of this. It’s difficult to knock at the price, but also does a lot better than a lot of wines at a few quid more. Glad to hear it’s OK when it’s forgotten about for a couple of years too.

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There’s a few good society cellar defenders

I drank the JS Jumilla for years, a superbly hefty and inexpensive wine.