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Society's 16 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky (1 Litre)


I buy bottles of this Whisky as Christmas Presents
The more recent tasting notes by Members indicate that there may have been a diminution in the quality of this bottle.
I am not an aficionado of Scotch Whisky, (tastes change) so am in no position to judge, but I would appreciate Members views who ideally have tasted this product recently and some time ago, has there been a perceptible change?
Thank you for your time.:wink:


@Taffy-on-Tour, I don’t think that the quality has necessarily changed - although that’s a subjective judgement too, but the composition has changed materially between the bottle I bought last month and a couple of years ago.

It is a smoother and sweeter blend now, with noticeably less peaty/smoky notes, suggesting that there isn’t the same prevalence of Islay or similar malt in it. It is deeper in colour too, which makes me think that there is more sherry cask aged fillings in it. Perhaps some older grain whisky too.

Personally I’m ok with it. The previous blend was maybe more interesting in flavour complexity, but it gave me a headache after one dram, which I suspect was down to Lagavulin as it’s the only malt I’ve had that from. That would suggest that it’s no longer in it. So good news for me :slight_smile:

I have seen the reviews and contributed to them. I think that there is only one review that might be described as negative, and even then it’s not unequivocally so.

FWIW, I still think it’s a very good value bottle at £25 a litre, and I would be very happy to receive it as a present. I also don’t think it will be about much longer at that price or with the quality of fillings from wherever. In my view, it’s still one of the best, if not the best higher quality blends around.

Hope this is of some help.


Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble replying.:grinning:
That was all that I needed to know, I shall keep an eye out for further comments over the year.
Sadly, very little remains the same be it price or quality, I have, with no little disquiet noticed how cask prices for good distilleries have moved, remembering that my younger brother once “fire sale” sold a cask of Springbank back in the mid 1980’s for a veritable pittance. How times change!!:cry:


These things go in (long) cycles, and when Guinness bought Distillers in the mid 80s, they got a lot of whisky stock on the cheap, which wasn’t wholly appreciated at the time. However, there is a fair amount of new, or in some cases mothballed capacity has come on the market in recent years, but a lot of that won’t be seen in whisky for sale for some time yet due to the lengthy production cycle. Even so, I don’t see much chance of getting a cask of Springbank for a song!


I concur with Marc C and other’s opinion; the smokiness seems diminished compared to a couple of years ago - which is a shame from my perspective - however the essential quality is as high as ever. And it has been around for decades! perhaps a century, so a variation over time seems reasonable. Only niggle I have; is it would be much better un-chillfiltered & 46% - ideally cask strength.

In terms of value for money, it is incredible - where else will you get a well balanced 16y/o blend for the equivalent of £18.75 a standard bottle.

Personally - I agree it makes a great gift.


Unfortunately I don’t have a reference point as it’s so long ago since I last bought it, but I’m drinking that particular whisky at the moment and the quality is very good.

Going off the other comments it’s probably even better than before as a present because it sounds like it’s now a little more approachable and easy drinking, if whisky can ever really be such a thing.

I’m not a fan of sherry cask whisky or anything that imparts more than the tiniest amount of sweetness and I’m fine with this although I definitely wouldn’t want it to go any sweeter in the future.


@kieran_h I agree with you that it’s currently as far along the sherry cask and sweetness spectrum as I would want. However it is a whisky that will please many, particularly those that don’t like the full on island single malts, so for that reason would make an excellent present.

I would quite like a bit more of the Islay/Skye character in it again (just not Lagavulin!) but this might not be going to happen given the replacement cost of such fillings I suspect…