Society wine tastings

Having moved on from my PR role earlier this year, I now find myself back in the Tastings team where I started. I have already bumped into / spotted a few Community members (e.g. @strawpig @VinoVeritas @willrcwyatt) and look forward to seeing more of you soon. I particularly enjoyed our AUstrian tasting last night, which we’re repeating in Bristol tonight.

There’s a great series of tastings over the next five weeks - I will personally be in Edinburgh with the South Africans next week, in Brighton and Manchester with Wine Champions after that, and then in Chichester with Loire growers. I will also be at the AGM, London Wine Champs and London Loire growers.

For our full events programme, including some fabulous Australian events in September, you can take a butcher’s right here.

Who’s planning on coming to some of our events?


I’ll be @ London wine champs & Loire evenings.

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The AGM.

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See you there, @Ewan! Been a while… :slight_smile:

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I might well come to the Sept tasting in Salisbury, all being well.

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The lack of Yorkshire events have been noted.

Never neglect the UK’s most vocal and parochial county. We do like to moan about our innate relevance being overlooked by southerners, and get chippy about it. Don’t give us ammunition.


Another one in Oxford would be grand…couldn’t make the last Reading one, as there was a train strike the same day. Timing is everything!

Anything close to the New City of Milton Keynes??

Isn’t it 29 minutes by train from London?

Would be good to have something in Cardiff. Last one was around Easter so I was abroad.

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Great to see @ewan and the rest of the team at the Austrian Growers tasting last night, all working hard to ensure a smooth-running and interesting evening. I really enjoyed the wines which were all of a high quality with some reaching excellent personal ratings. I loved the ability to compare recent vintages with more aged wines and also from different vineyards with different soil/underlying rock. The Austrian’s themselves were all very enthusiastic and lovely to talk with about their wines.

If anyone can make Bristol this evening, I’d highly recommend it - some really good Riesling and Gruner Veltliner’s from some great wineries. Even the orange wine was nice!


The Leeds Bordeaux tasting last Autumn ‘were grand’, and Sheffield Spanish wines this Spring apparently ‘reyt good’ , likewise Portugal growers in York (just missed it 6th June and in anyway York doesnt count as Yorkshire 'cos it’s posh).


I’ve just booked up the Edinburgh SA tasting on 5th July. Anyone else going?

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Watch this space!


Watch this space!

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Good to see you too.

Yorkshire folk rarely need ammunition (says the half-Lancastrian, donning his flak-jacket!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But as pointed out, we do come regularly to t’other side o’ Pennines. :blush:


Is it worth Brummies watching the space?

We’re having difficulty in finding a venue that suits our needs, that makes us feel welcome and that isn’t extortionately priced. We’re still working on it. If you have any thoughts we would welcome them.

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Provisionally booked wine tasting on 17th July, and now need to cancel as got my dates mixed up. Cannot make Monday as have Muay Thai training in the evening.

Just realised the tasting is Saturday 15th July. I can make the tasting!