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I’m sure you’re right about this, but it would have have been way less sexy. It’s worth thinking about what the promotion is there to achieve - driving an increase in orders, for now and the future. For members like those of us who post regularly on here, the Golden Bottle doesn’t really make much of a difference in terms of our ordering - I’d imagine the vast majority of us order around once a month anyway, so we’re not really placing additional orders to have a chance to win. However there are bound to be a fairly large number of members who are ordering this month directly because they might get one of these bottles. That order might otherwise have gone to Majestic or even L@!thw@!t3s, or ad hoc purchases from the supermarket. Would they have placed an order for the chance to get a bonus £20 bottle? Possibly, but I’m not sure that would be enough of a motivator to drive a change in purchasing for a more casual consumer who might think he’s well stocked with 6 bottles in the rack.

Personally I think this offer is much fairer than the Society offering free tastings at the showroom that members living 150+ miles away can’t realistically access, but that’s a separate conversation…


I promise that I will video pouring my golden bottle in a glass (all of it) and raising it to the Conmunity!


I hope TWS report back on the success or otherwise of this promotion…


Don’t you worry, I’ll be letting everyone know if I get a bottle :wink:


Has anyone won yet? Doesn’t appear that any community member has or is owning up to securing a tasty Golden bottle. I know my modest 4 wine order didn’t come with any extra bottles, even though I thoughtfully left plenty of space for it… :disappointed:

The tension is palpable


I’m putting an order in for later in the month when hopefully there will be less daily orders, maybe increasing my chances perhaps??


I have already block booked all deliveries for one particular day, so that one is out for you @Leah


I have been checking TWS Facebook and Instagram, also checking the hashtag… nothing. :confused:
Just putting it out to the universe… I’ll happily shout good things all over the internet… if I win! :yum:


Just to record there’s a leaflet on this offer in the current mailout. Well - there was in mine - I can take the hint.


Surely sideways-style under the table with a big mac!


I only do that with my '61s :hamburger: :wine_glass:


I think you mean M@j35t1c!


I doubt it! I’ve just received mail notification of this today, 7th, and assuming I’ve not been specially selected for late notice, that means there are still more members being invited to participate.
Did I get an email notice first, or did I hear about it on the Community, I can’t remember. For an event that runs 1-29 March, notice on the 7th seems rather late. But it seems like the early participants might have had the best chances if many members were still unaware of it.

P.S. Just checked. I did get an email on the 26th Feb in fact



…so excited I had to have my girlfriend open the box…

…no fifth bottle, alas.

It has struck me that this is a pretty good raffle, as raffles go. I mean, I only submitted the order to be in the draw, and even though I didn’t win, I still have wine!! :smiley:


It’s alright for you folk, at least you know fairly quickly. Because I’m out of the country I’m having it delivered to the office and a friend will look after it (in their garage) until I return. So I set as late a delivery date as I could (25th) but I still won’t know until I return around the 15th April and pick the order up!

Will I have any fingernails left by then?


Apparently any wine delivered on 25th and in a golden wrapper has to be opened and drunk before 14th April, or it will go bad. Think your friend better just drink it Mike.


I chose wisely; neither she nor her boyfriend drink.



Ah you got the reference :grinning:


Careful - some people get paid before the end of the month … #justsaying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: