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if you had won I hope you would have refused it.


I literally cannot believe a sprayed gold bottle wasn’t in my order :expressionless: however i got these lush looking beauties :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Ahh, lovely selection, @Nowt_in_my_glass! :+1::+1: the Niepoort Baxio is a beauty - let us know what you think of it when you have it. We drank it yesterday when we ate out, and the waiter ended up taking a photo of it - he had never seen this wine before. Invited him to try some - he was well impressed! :blush:


nice selection !

Have you had the Bergstrom before ?


Oooo i will do, i was a bit apprehensive about the 12% abv but after seeing him on the ‘year in port’ documentary i was took a leap if faith.

@JamesF no i wanted to explore different regions so we got an oregon pinot gris and the chardonnay. I’ve had some pinot noir which was a tad light for my taste but was very expressive.


Oh, don’t let this put you off. It’s a beautifully made wine, with fresh red fruit and a touch of spice on the palate, elegance, soft tannings and plenty of structure. In my opinion it’s a great alternative to a PN, or even a bit like a tamed Mondeuse. Refined is the word that comes to mind, and great with food. We had it with lamb (me) and gurnard (other half) and it complemented both beautifully. Still, this is my palate – so you may well not share my enthusiasm when it comes to it! :wink:


Agree with you! I won’t be ordering this month. I expect the “winners” may just keep the wines to look at and bring out to impress their guests.


I will be swigging my Cheval Blanc straight from the bottle, sediment and all, as soon as I rip it out of the box :crazy_face:


Its surprising how difficult it is to satisfy all the people all the time. TWS seemed damned if they do and if they don’t.

I’m reminded of the long discussions on the distribution of fine wines in limited stock. The thread is here:- J L Chave Hermitage Rouge 2015

It’s very difficult to get this right, only some will get the wine, and it maybe below market value. How do you manage that with an increasing membership. The mutuality is impossible to completely, unless you can somehow produce a bottle or case for everyone. There will be some advantage to some members.

Maybe this isn’t such a bad way to solve a problem of the odd fine wine bottles that TWS has. Usually I suspect they get put in the Fine Wine Room at HQ, this way the whole membership has a chance.

If I get a golden bottle I’ll be drinking it, with friends. Maybe I’ll convert them to TWS.


I’ with you :+1::joy:


Me too…


That is NOT a Cheval Blanc… :wink:


Funnily enough… there were no “Cheval Blanc gifs” :sweat_smile:


I’ll make one up when I get mine :+1:


That’s the spirit!! More of this positivity on the Community :grin:!


My delivery was ‘lost’ by FedEx yesterday. I suspect the driver was trying to nab my golden bottle. Luckily the delivery has been found again. Whether the golden bottle is still there, remains to be seen.


Look! It’s just arrived!


I expect some cut price bottles with impeccable provenance to appear at auction next month…


Brilliant !!!:rofl::rofl::joy:


I have been reading this thread with interest, specially everything that revolves around the question of whether this Society Gold campaign is compatible / incompatible with what some fellow members deem to be the spirit of the The Wine Society / how they view it as different from other shops.

I may be wrong, but I do not think that the people who have expressed reservations are against any form of marketing or promotional activity by TWS.

It seems more to be a disagreement with the “lavishness” of the gift in this case (pun not intended… well actually…). £200 is way above the average bottle bought here ( and I suspect also above the average purchased basket).

I believe that the same promotional campaign, giving away daily 10 bottles worth £20 to 10 random orders instead of 1 bottle worth £200 to one order, may have attracted less criticism.

That was my perspective on the situation, now we can go back to cheval blanc