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Waiting for the March offers to come online to then perhaps put in a small order.


I think the “golden bottle” was publicised on Twitter. It might help in the future if a way were found of cross-posting “social media” posts to the Community. I do sometimes think that these various avenues have got out of kilter as far as TWS is concerned. I seem to recall reading about the appointment of new Chief Executive on Twitter a good few weeks before there was anything on the TWS website, but I stand to be corrected.


Yes they’re all right at the top end of my budget, which is one of the reasons I was delaying. But then that’s what credit cards are for isn’t it? I’ve never actually bought a bottle of Hermitage before! :hushed:


What’s the minimum order?

Only one entry per member…presumably this means our first order counts.
so are we all considering carefully what delivery date we should go for?!


So I did an order… hoping for a golden bottle, but not expecting it.

Limited quantities of this vintage English fizz available in half bottles on the website…


I had a half-bottle of this on Valentine’s Day - was utterly lovely!! A good ‘treat yourself’ aperitif. :heart_eyes:


Being from the North. and not too bright, could I ask for just the Golden Bottle, as long as the contents have been tested , and not found as “this horse is not fit for work !!!”


Thought I spotted a loophole and my withdrawal request from reserves got me into the draw, but alas member services confirmed only new orders qualify.

:: casually flicks through wishlist ::


but if you put everything everywhere you no longer have the means to assess platform feedback. Making a handful of offers known primarily on discreet platforms may give the advertiser some insight as to what works best where, leading to better and more efficient allocation of spend in the future. We wouldn’t want TWS throwing ‘our’ cash at every platform willy-nilly with no solid idea of which bit of expenditure actually delivered results, I suspect.


This also had the effect of making me look again at my wishlist (67 items) - told myself I’d limit to buying six bottles. Ended up picking:

Champagne Pierre Paillard Bouzy Grand Cru Le Grande Récolte 2006 (cellar feels light on sparkling, wanted something rich with a bit of age)

Alfred Gratien Brut 2005 (as above)

Saint-Joseph ‘Lieu-dit Saint-Joseph’, Guigal 2016 (love a rich white, haven’t had white St-Jo, and the label looks great)

Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2016 (gotta see if the hype is justified)

Domaine Turner-Pageot Blanc ‘La Rupture’, Vin de France 2015 (don’t own any orange wine, good with spicy food, pretty cheap)

Barolo, Massolino 2013 (interested in dipping my toes into Nebbiolo and this seems decent QPR for Barolo and just coming into its window)


Button pushed and order placed. I have picked delivery for the same day as my wife’s birthday.


Hah, so there I was all ready to press the buy button and guess what I’ve already missed the Saint Cosme! All gone :frowning: Never mind saved myself a few bob!


Here is my winning ticket (surely!)

Went for two fab recommendations from the community and added a dessert wine i was reading about in my wset3 book (such a dangerous thing to have open at lunch), one of niepoort’s table wines as I’ve always been curious about them and a well reviewed fleurie


Just placed an order for a bunch of Aussie reds for our wine group’s next tasting. If I win a bottle of Grange, I promise to add it to the tasting. Honest.




That Niepoort is amazing, Simon. Quite a unique wine in my opinion. The only other 100% baga wine I tried comes from the lovely Filipa Pato, so let us know what you think of it once you opened it… :+1:


I’ve had a sparkling baga Rosé, quite decent as cheap fizz goes :wink:


Glad you reminded me! I had Filipa Pato’s sparkling baga/bical over xmas:

But seems rare to get a 100% baga wine for some reason…:thinking:


My lottery ticket has been bought. Been wanting to try the Jaume and Coffele box wines for a while to they are in plus 5 cheap bottles that have been on my wish list to audition for the everyday rack. I helpfully left a space in the 6-bottle case for the Golden Bottle.


Here’s another.