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Sparkling gold, methinks!


There isn’t even a minimum order value to be entered into the draw, is there? So it’s not THAT unfair.



It is obviously a decision that WS has taken. I’ve no strong feelings either way but with 21 bottles they could have added them a Members’ tasting or tastings to allow as many people as possible to try them. That would really be the only other method of using the 21 bottles if you have made a decision to get rid of them in some fashion.


Just because you use Social Media doesn’t mean you will become the same as everyone else in the wine trade who uses it. You can be very clever and creative across many different platforms to deliver a sales & marketing strategy to help the Society grow in the directions set by the Senior Management and the Board.

You may well find that this “Society Gold” campaign is targeted to a particular activity and only those in the know can answer that…and even as a shareholder, as long as the campaign has returned on the investment made, it is not for me to judge.

The key aspect of TWS is mutuality - this campaign is all for those who have a share in the Society but the critical factor is - whilst listened to - we do not run the society! We have a chance to give input at the AGM etc just as any other shareholder in a company would do…but the day-to-day running is by the employees of the Society. I for one think they do a great job !


Obviously I’m going to win a golden bottle. In the amazing stroke of bad luck i don’t i guess i will have to accept a consolation prize of my order :blush:

To get this whole thread back onto the topic of wine, what 3 special bottles should i order to get over the £75 mark :thinking:

Thinking a spatburgunder, nice oz chardonnay and something south african



I had the same soul-searching moment… decided to go for:

Because my sister in law will soon be visiting from Belgium, and she likes a fruity full-bodied red


Because it’s time I tried an Oregon Chardonnay, and this one got very good reviews.


Ooooo @inbar i have been thinking about oregon for an order, yes i think that is in! :grin:

I’ve had the guigal cdr and I’m not quite flamboyant enough for a magnum! :dancer::dancer:


Speaking of Oregon, I was also tempted by this…

But it’ll have to wait now. I read some very good reviews of Elk Cove wines in general - and I just love a good Pinot Gris…


That is in our next order! We’ve been trying to go off the beaten path.


The Martin Wassmer Spatburgunder is great, but not sure I’d quite call it special. The next one up is £35, and you might get better value with this:

Oz chardonnay - this one jumps out a bit!


Neither am I, though said sister-in-law will fill the gaps in flamboyance! :smiley:


Have you been looking at my internet history? I had a look at this following the burgundy ep flyer and thought this may provide sone value. I’ve had the ogio premium but never had a real humdinger of a spatburgunder, just what they had in lidl. Thanks for the tip on the oz chardonnay!


Definitely not. I don’t have the technology to do that here is Vladivos… erm, Sussex.

By the way, I haven’t actually tasted either of these but I bought the Pinot on @Leah’s recommendation, so you know it’s a decent wine!


You can NOT go wrong with this PN
If this vintage is as good as the 2014, you are in for a treat .


Sigh… 4 bottles :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Basket being loaded but I can assure anyone worried I may win a bottle, not to be concerned, as I never win anything.

On a separate issue, I never received an email about this, hope it has not went elsewhere. Would hate for someone to be sent my bill for the EP I have asked for :rofl:


I’ve put two each of the following into my basket :
St Cosme cote rotie '15
Exhibition Pauillac '10
Exhibition Hermitage rouge '14
And I’ll be pressing the buy button shortly. All were planned purchases for April so just brought forward a little. And, who knows, if I’d waited as planned I might have missed them.


Ordering some top notch stuff their Mike