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Agreed. This is news to me too.


I must say I find this explanation total claptrap:

_We love to share the joy of good wine at every opportunity and we’d like to say a big thank you to our members! As a result of your support, The Society, the mutual we all own, enjoyed a great 2018. This is our way of showing our gratitude in the best way we can, with treasured bottles from our archive stocks – golden nuggets dug out from our cellars…

Is this really the best way the WS can devise? A big thank you to 21 members? Not much mutuality there.


Is it how the society chooses to allocate their Chave stock this year? :face_with_monocle:


Chave is less than £200 per bottle… at least on TWS release. :wink:

This looks a pretty innocent campaign to me. Also quite cheap… so why not.


Sometimes TWS just can’t win . If there is a campaign to incentivise new members to either join the society or sign up to the community, existing members complain or moan it’s not incentivising the existing and contributing members. TWS begin a campaign to reward you for your March purchases and members are still complaining ! :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


I have some support for you here - the mutuality is to share the “great 2018” through the membership… but given the (retail) spend for this is circa £5k and 120k active members this is approx. 4 pence per share dividend

So, In reality I view this as a marketing spend of £5k to get increased levels of orders in March…funny enough the cut-off date is 29th March…that rings a bell !

I know of many people who are starting to “show some retail caution” and presume the hope is to try and buck this with the sweetener…its how all campaigns work. I met with a retailer of kitchenware last week and they are expecting a hard few months ahead!


Spot on! I think we all need to chill out a bit, maybe?


As I said in my first post it was just a feeling of disquiet rather than any real concern. I fully appreciate the need to encourage sales and the need to not just stick to a ‘same old, same old’ set of approaches to doing that. And to make it clear my concern is not around the cost of the exercise just a vague feeling of dissonance with the usual approaches. No big deal for me - and in some ways I think I might have better kept my counsel.


Agreed. Anything they do will not suit everyone.


As mutual members we should be allowed to state our opinions somewhere like here though. That’s the whole point of a discussion board surely?


And isn’t that what we are all doing …? :thinking: We don’t all have to agree with each other but everyone has the right to contribute and discuss how they feel about a topic .


But not all members have been told about this (I haven’t, except here), so this seems to be a very poor reward (I really don’t like incentives in the form of raffles) for only some members. Fool’s gold?


I’ve no problem with TWS running marketing campaigns. But don’t pretend that giving a windfall to 21 members has anything to with mutuality.


Just FYI, we are contacting all active members about this by email and we’re launching on social media today - if you haven’t already got your email, it’ll be with you shortly!


Further to Laura’s post here, I got the email about it 13 minutes ago, so it might be sitting in your inbox right now @SPmember!


I’ve got no problems with the offer, except that my order is being delivered tomorrow… :grimacing:

I’m sure I can find a way to sneak another couple in before the end of March though


I’m uneasy about this promotion.
It’s our wine.
Yet it’s being given away to either get people who don’t buy regularly to buy or to get those who do buy regularly to buy even more. If it goes to the latter fair enough; if it goes to the former and that means they buy more then fair enough too.
I don’t normally buy wine worth £200 unless it’s for a case not a bottle, so it’s certainly eye catching!


No, it is not, and I do NOT like to hear first in this Community.


I can understand that. Unfortunately I think it’s just a factor of the number of members that need to be emailed - there are too many for all to be contacted in one email, so have to be done in batches, and we happen to not be in the first batch. For me it makes no difference. My order being delivered tomorrow was placed a couple of weeks ago, and I need it now rather than next week. I’m not missing out on any chances to win a bottle by finding out about the promotion today rather than yesterday, and hopefully you and most people are in the same boat.


That is all… carry on…!!