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No golden bottle made its way to Dumfries☹️


Must be on its way to Killie then…:slight_smile:


I hope so Mark. I’m happy to meet you halfway to taste it!


I doubt if such a bottle will ever have been seen in New Cumnock before!


So I ran home faster than Charlie Bucket with the winning ticket, alas when I got home there was no golden bottle for me. Luckily I knew this would be the case and I softened the blow be ordering a bottle of the Exhibition Hermitage as I could never justify paying the price for a bottle of normal Chave hermitage


My name is not Gary?:disappointed_relieved:
Expectation rose as the delivery arrived but only the ordered wines in the case


Delivery received and guess what, my one and only chance to taste wine costing £200 is gone, I can definitely confirm that I am not Gary. Hope it’s you @Leah :+1:


It’s arrived … just about to find my golden bottle …:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


I’m coinciding my bid to be Gary with a visit to the showroom on Tuesday. I figured it’d be nice to be able to say “thank you” in person…!


And? :+1::-1::clinking_glasses:


My name is still Leah :rofl::rofl:


Not only am I not Gary, I am the anti-Gary. No golden bottle but worse, a bottle in my order (now out of stock) wasn’t delivered. One of those things, and Member Services were as helpful as ever. That said, the member of staff didn’t seem too concerned that my golden bottle wasn’t in the box…


Funilly enough the same thing happened to me, only with a cheap replacement. I call it my bronze bottle.


Opened my monthly WS order just now and sadly no Golden Bottle. There was space for it too. I had visions of myself drinking a Chateau Margaux this evening in front of the fire. Instead it’ll be a Meerlust Rubicon - which isn’t too bad is it really.


I suspect they are most likely to just go into cases for collection, or for delivery by the TWS own vans, rather than those going by courier.


I think I made a mistake only ordering halves… as it came in a box where a normal bottle would not fit. This is the only reason I can see that I did not get the Cathiard wine… :wink:


Happy to confirm that carrier orders have just as much of a chance as WS vans/collection.


Why?? Do they think that the couriers will be smart enough to know and nick them :slight_smile: ?


Thanks Martin.
Jolly good! Fingers re-crossed then!


I don’t know about the TWS couriers… but auction bottles delivered by Hermes do go missing sometimes (probably not the drivers though)