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I’m not “Gary” YET! :sweat_smile:


You have severely reduced my chances. I have a feeling that you are going to be the community Gary.


I REALLY REALLY hope you are right :wink::yum


seems simple enough to do… https://www.gov.uk/change-name-deed-poll

update your profile on here when you have done :wink:


I know I’m the only Gary that’s real on here… Obviously my Golden bottles have just been temporarily delayed - perhaps they’ll all come in a case together? Must be patient…


No, that’s me, me, me!! - I baggsied this honour last week! (Power now going to one’s head in an increasingly neurotic and somewhat mad sort of way…)


And now Storm Gary batters these islands…

Is it a sign…?



‘I’m Gary and so’s my wife!’


There is something wrong with this picture:

Gary didn’t show up…


He certainly moves in mysterious ways! :thinking:


Gary always shows up…


If this is today then I guess it is a good thing as my order is also due today…

With those bottles you are already a winner anyway.


You have already 3 golden bottles in your order!!!


I recently had the Roggeri Ciabot Berton 2011 and thought it was superb! Golden bottle for me :slight_smile:


Apparently “Gary” wears pink trousers :smile:


I wouldn’t want to be called Gary ever. The chance of winning something would make any difference i am not open to being bribed. I have had 12 premium bonds since the 1970s and i have won one prize of £25… Could easily have never won anything


LOVE a good bribe me :rofl::woman_facepalming:t3:


Sad to say I am not Gary :tired_face: But on the plus side we have another case of wine :grinning:


A man gotta have a code.