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I tend to buy wine in advance. I am not going to be influenced by a lottery or a raffle. What would i do with a £200 bottle? The sort of thing that influences me if their is a special offer on something i normally buy. For example recently i was in Sainsburys .my normal instant coffee is £3.75 . There was a special offer 0.75p off . So i purchased 4 jars saving £3.00. If suddenly the wine society had a special offer say a red wine that I normally buy, for £7.50 instead of £7.95 . I would buy a dozen. or perhaps two dozen . I would only do this if it was an item that i would normally buy.


Drink it?

Or give it to me… :rofl:


I don’t expect that members would ever get to know whether this “Society Gold” lucky dip idea works from a sales perspective. I think if both March and April’s sales are aggregated, the outcome may be disappointing with many members bringing forward planned purchases. Retail offers can be very misleading.

I also wonder whether any of the winners will go public too, like Gary?


I don’t know about ‘public’ - but I will definitely let this lovely community know :+1:


I think the putative Brexit date is also likely to have an unquantifiable effect on sales this March. It’s not really a “typical” month, or even a typical March!


I opened my delivery yesterday and didn’t win - but I’ve decided to test the theory that each member can only enter once by getting another delivery next week (damn TWS and their leaflet advertising tasty mature Bordeaux)



So we can look a gif horse in the mouth now!

I’ll get my coat…


Well it’s all gone terrifically quiet on the Golden Bottle front. Any more Gary’s coming forward?


I’ll let you know on the 28th of March if my name has changed to Gary :wink:


Is your name Gary? :sweat_smile:,
Hopefully mine will be momentarily when my order arrives on the 21st :grinning:


Let’s make it trend…



“I’m Gary!”


Delivery’s here!

And I’ve just discovered that my name is most definitely not Gary…


I also had a delivery today, and I am not Gary either. I am still very pleased with my wines though, especially the Muga Reserva 2015.


Gold, glitters and Gary could all come together in an unseemly manner in this thread I fear…


It’s a fix ! A FIX I say :rofl::rofl:!


I’m fed up with these damn delivery men ringing my doorbell every morning and saying “Hello Gary, we’ve got something golden for you”.


Tell them where to go, Gary…


Leah what have you done. :crying_cat_face: