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Ah you got the reference :grinning:


Careful - some people get paid before the end of the month … #justsaying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got a delivery yesterday… no golden bottle. My heart is broken :rofl:


PS - getting married this year so a special bottle would have been a real treat!


Congratulations, @Juan! :grinning:

You can always invest in the single bottle left of this Gevrey Chambertine

Or perhaps better save the money for a nice suit instead! :wink:


I’m starting to suspect there are no golden bottles, and this is all just a big psychology experiment :thinking:


Thanks @Inbar !!! :grinning: Got the suit already so I’m going to save to buy a few magnuns. CVNE wines will be poured at the wedding which is in Spain, asides from tones of sherry :+1::joy:

A golden bottle might have topped it all up nicely…


Au contraire! https://twitter.com/TheWineSociety/status/1103985624820973569


A wild golden bottle appeared!

Lucky Gary!


If Gary even exists… :wink:


It’s a suspiciously well-taken photo…



In support of Martin I am going to have to come clean…Not received my order yet


What if the golden bottle is well beyond its peak and faded or is corked, can the winner invoke the society promise as well on it?

You can find one DP bottle of verset Cornas 1991 on wine searcher for £675 with a U.K. merchant.
whether Gary was fast enough to flip it, that’s a very healthy ask price!! :rofl:


It must be true… Gary’s just posted on Instagram :sweat_smile:


I’m Gary and I didn’t get a Golden bottle! I’ve been robbed!

Perhaps it’d be better if all Gary’s got a bottle? :wink:


I think that was the original plan, but they could not find 21 Garys in the membership…


Well, I’d be happy to be the representative Gary and ‘look after’ the lot, if that makes it easier…

The cheek of it!


My order arrived today without a golden bottle. Clearly they mis picked and gave my verset to some guy called Gary.

Is that my only chance? Can I reorder and be entered again?


Ts and Cs specify one entry per member. Fingers crossed for 20 March for me