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Now the secret is out, will you be placing extra orders this month??

And please, any lucky winners do share what turned up in your boxes!


Not over here…! What is (was) said secret?! :open_mouth:


There’s been a teaser campaign on social media recently, for this:


This is one of the rare moments when it’s OK to say… OMG!!! :star_struck:


Must be thick don’t understand the rules.


I’ll be sure to put in an order for 11 bottles, just to make it easier for them when they add the Chambertin.


Aha… I’ve been waiting for this to be announced :wink:! Now I wonder what the average number of orders are placed per day in any given month of March … then we’ll truly know our odds :grimacing::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


I can’t decide why I find this slightly at odds with what I most value about the Wine Society. I guess it’s something to do with it being reminiscent for me of the sort of thing I associate with more mainstream marketing driven wine businesses. Still I’m probably just a fuddy-duddy ( and in general I’ve no real sympathy with the normal complaints about things like the Society selling collectibles at market or near to market values). If I’m in a minority of one I will understand completely.


Slightly frustrating for me as 1) I am out of the country until after that date and 2) I’ve just recently placed an order into reserves and wasn’t planning any more until May earliest. However I could get order delivered to office and there are one or two bottles i’d like to get fairly soon. Hmmmm…


I feel slightly less than enthusiastic about this as well, for not immediately obvious reasons. I think on some level it seems like taking from the many to give to the few. Reminds me unpleasantly of recent politics. It may be a random choice but that doesn’t make it right or comfortable.


I can understand where you are coming from and I know it’s random selection, but I would like to think the winners will be people who buy regularly from the society rather than infrequently. A sort of reward as such for making a bigger contribution than others.


I like the fact that we get an opportunity to win something priced out of the range of a vast majority of our budgets.


The Wine Society has over 120,000 active members who together spend more than 1 million GBP per week. Similar odds to the lottery then :rofl:


Bugger it ! then :rofl::rofl:


I think it’s a lovely idea, despite the long odds. Don’t need any further reasons to put an order in; always somehow able to make more room for more wine…


I think the odds are pretty good, I’d guess something like 1 in one or two thousand*. But as this is aimed at existing members, it’s basically the chance of a bonus for buying something you would have bought anyway!

*this is a guess, based on one golden bottle per day, since £1m a week = £142k per day = 1,420 members spending £100 each.


Thank you: but I haven’t seen anything about this, either by email or by going to TWS website (except by following your link). How are members who don’t follow the Community supposed to know about it?


Sorry, erroneous post!


Oh, this is strange! I thought the App was being phased out…?


Well, I misread the conditions anyway. Still not keen on the concept however I look at it.