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Society Fantasy football league

Has anyone set up a fantasy league this season? Sorry I am so late to the party!

I might be wrong, but I think Ewan has refreshed the league and those that were in last year’s are added to the new one automatically. I did mine a short while ago and when I click on “leagues and cups” it looks like it’s all set up and I think I can see your team (aware that it has everyone’s name on so I don’t want to screenshot).

I’ve got a cunning plan for this season. In an attempt to reach the dizzying heights of page 1 of the league table I’m going to pick players that might actually get a game for their clubs.

Good luck to all that are entering as usual!


Brilliant! I hope that my strategy is as successful!

Does anyone have the code because the one from last year isn’t working.

Sure, the code is here: 1125498

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Thanks, sadly that doesn’t work. Hey ho, I’ll finish bottom in another league :joy::joy::joy:

Does that link take you to the league? I copy/pasted so it should work…the league ID is in the address which matches what I put. Maybe wait 24h if you’re having problems as I guess the game is still refreshing itself for the new season.