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So, worth buying at €24 a bottle?


In Majorca at the moment and found these at the local Spar.



Seems to be a lot of this about, highly praised by those who like the traditional style, why so much on the market ? price is average.


Or put an order in for half a dozen at 20 quid a pop - something to look forward to when you get back:



Interesting. Worth a punt then. Highly praised, average price. Not sure I can store another half case though, the we can’t quite get in the pantry as it is …

What happens when a big en primeur delivery arrives?

Seems to be a community-shared problem, that! :thinking:


24 Euro’s for the 2004 is a very good price - Costco are selling the 2005 (very very nice but just not the same for £20.


Go for it … as @Treeebs said Costco were selling 2005 for £20 and bbr for around £34 … so that price seems pretty reasonable :wink:.


I went for it. Got the 2004 as it was the only bottle left. I’ll probably open it next week and report back.


I bought a couple of bottles of Bollinger RD from a Menorcan wine shop.
They were poor in the extreme and I finally concluded that they had been in the shop window for a while or stored in a warm place. Whichever, they were wrecked!!
So the half price bargain that I thought that I had got was in fact worth nothing at all!!
I learnt a lesson, and so might you.


Let’s look on the bright side shall we. The sun is shining and I’m looking forward to opening it, but you can get a bad wine anywhere.


Great purchase, huge fan of Tondonia wines and the Tinto Reserva always impresses.

They’re still one of the most traditional producers in Rioja, who take so much pride in their wine. They hold it back until it’s ready for release, don’t expect this to be the normal vanilla bomb Temperanillo’s tough, this is much more elegant.

Enjoy :blush:


So just to finish this little thread off. Strong nose of red fruits, lots of fruit on the palate, faint wood and leather, tannins and acidity in perfect balance. The alcohol (13.5) was starting to show itself. Needing drinking I’d say and I’m glad I did.