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So, how and why did you become a member?


Hi all,

Always good to get to know other like minded members, was just wondering how and why everyone became a member? For me I decided to join as I had seen that there were many great wines at all price points and it was a great way to explore wine, I did notice that there were a good few guides on the site as well.

Considering owing a share unlocks a vast array of wine as well as wine advice and En Primeur options coupled with the fact you get part of the joining fee back as a credit it seems odd not to join!


I joined a small wine group in Leighton Buzzard a good few years back where everyone raved about the Society so I thought there must be something in it and joined. The rest is history; a delightful history. I particularly liked the Society led, Twitter wine tastings so hope they haven’t died out.


On the contrary! In fact, one driver for the community space was to have a place where we could do MORE of these and have some more control over it. @Ewan, @martin_brown and I are planning a possible tasting in September, so watch this space. We hope to get lots of new members involved who did not choose to use twitter but would enjoy the conversation and the results, so we look forward to learning from the experience of those of you who have done the twitter versions already


If you could make it the first or last week in September I’d be grateful.


Good question.

Like a great many Society members, I think I made the decision to join as a Christmas gift to myself (via my wife) WAAAAY back in 2006. I can’t believe I’ve been a member for over a decade already.

In fact I had been working in the wine business for a few years before that, and even when I was working with notional competitors, many of my colleagues and the Press that I knew were all members of The Society and shopped there personally, so it seemed the natural thing to do.

I joined to get access to “benchmark” wines that were great representatives of their region and their prices, because as a relatively new wine drinker I wanted to understand what it was I should be expecting. There are always offers out there, but if you don’t know what to expect for the money, then you have no idea if it was worth it or not. It was a useful education and a great investment.

I’ve since signed up several members of my family as well, and we all exchange ideas of what to buy. Very handy to work from the same list rather than hunting around shops.


I joined about 3 years ago around the time that I started writing a short-lived wine blog. One of my colleagues had read my blog and shared it with her boyfriend who’s a director of an independent wine merchant in London. I ended up having a couple of drinks with him one evening and inevitably the conversation turned to what wines we liked and what working in the wine industry was like. I’d been buying from a couple of wine clubs that he was pretty scathing about (and in retrospect he was absolutely right), and he asked if I was a member of The Wine Society. I said I wasn’t, and he told me that it was probably the best wine-related £40 I could spend (and he seems to have been right about that too).

So I joined up pretty much straight away, and just feel that I can’t get this level of value for money, and such an extensive range to choose from, anywhere else.

On the downside, joining TWS was ultimately the end of the wine blog. I mean, who wants to read a blog where the writer only gets his wine from one place? I figured it wasn’t a particularly balanced read anymore so knocked it on the head!


My husband and I joined a wine class in Surrey, in about 2005, and after nearly a year of the teacher banging on about how wonderful TWS was, we were eventually persuaded to join. Soon after that I started my WSET studies, and quickly realised that the very best place to buy ‘benchmark’ regional, representational wines for studying at an affordable price was TWS. We gradually abandoned Laithwaites, which had been our main source of wine. I preferred the honesty of TWS, and the lack of pushy sales and nonsense marketing material.

I couldn’t agree with @Bargainbob more - it’s been the best wine-related £40 I’ve spent, and I’ve bought gift memberships for many friends and family over the years.


Interestingly, I’d say WE DO! I guess that, to some extent, individual profiles in this community would be like mini ‘blogs’. These are opportunities to share best wines and experiences from the Society range, so PLEASE feel free to flex your wine-writing muscles and share your thoughts here so that we can all find great new wines to buy and share.

And, I should point out, you can also share thoughts about wines bought from other retailers here too as it is relevant to our shared wine drinking experience. :slight_smile:


I was lucky enough to be given a share for my 21st by a great friend! I since introduced my father when he retired back to the UK. Unfortunately he passed away and my brother now has that share so still going strong. Also a few years back bought my new son in law a share and I believe he spends massively! Well its always worth visiting them!!
I don’t use any other merchants and have just been informed of in bond purchases recently arriving! The future is rosy!