Snowmageddon - how is it for you?

I must admit I got a little bit excited about the ‘Beast from the East’ - we haven’t had any snow to speak of in Brighton for about 7 years. Things started well, with a decent amount of snow on Monday night, and it carried on with further showers on Tuesday. It’s all a bit anti-climactic now though - a base layer of snow that’s not good for snowman construction or sledging, and not much more likely over the next couple of days by the looks of things.

Still, we got the chance to introduce my daughter to snow for the first time on Tuesday morning. She enjoyed it for about 20 minutes, threw a snowball, built a tiny snowman, quickly got bored and hasn’t been outside since…

How’s it looking for you?


This was us yesterday morning. The wind has since blown all the pretty snow off the branches, but the garden is even more covered. Slushy, windy and grey here in London


This looks so pretty!

This was yesterday, nice and sunny. Now it is grey, windy and still snowing. First “proper” snow for my daughter, too. She announced that she wanted to make a snow angel (wherever that came from), but quickly realised that snow is cold and wet. We still had some fun though walking to nursery and treading on virgin snow.



Sorry couldn’t help it :joy::joy:


Beware the yellow snow!

Or because I have a dog Russian roulette with snow balls :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Indeed - it is everywhere!

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Leeds is pretty horrendous! 90 mins on my bicycle yesterday to work!

Mercifully I’ve been allowed to work from home today


That’s more like it! Does it look like you’re going to get much more over the next couple of days?

Yes…i have a tasting tonight but thankfully it’s all in the cc with public transport running so there will be something in my glass!


This morning


You guys have it so much worse than us here in St. Evenage! Not much more than a few cm of snow here. But it’s snowing as we speak so maybe we’ll catch up with you yet…

The snow did make a little cameo in the background of our Instagram post yesterday:


Slightly off topic, but every time I look at a photo of a selection of TWS wines, I feel like I’m back in the schoolground looking through a batch of Panini football stickers: ‘Got, got, need, got, need…’

Chateau Lacarelle Beaujolais will be here tomorrow (weather permitting) - that wine is a lot of fun :+1:


You could walk around pulling a trolley with cases of “wines for trading” in case you meet someone with something you need :slight_smile:


This is surely the blueprint of some kind of future Society event :grin:



Global warming, this is the fourth winter out of five with snow and we were told in 2005 there would be no more, now we are told this is global warming as well, yesterday in the garden.

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The view round here yesterday. Today is windy, grey and snow is drifting. No roads passable for the time being but we’re warm and have full cupboards (and wine racks).


fell over, bad break in right humerus. in pain, hospital all morning, in sling and back to hospital tomorrow.

will open a good wine with dinner

not humorous at all!

Very sorry to hear that Peter. Hope you recover quickly (and have plenty of screwcaps on hand to open easily).

take care!