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Smoky wines for autumnal stews?



At this time of year in our household we quite often end up doing various chuck-it-all-in warming stews. Whether we use white fish or bacon, chorizo or chicken, I’ll generally bung in an assortment of leftover veg, some passata, and spices like paprika, cumin or cinnamon depending on the meat/fish, and often a little fresh chilli.

The result is hearty, gently spicy and rich, and I’d love some go-to wines to stock up on for just this kind of dish. Whether smoky and warming or rich and juicy, I’d love to hear your tried-and-tested bottles for similar types of dinners? Classics and off-the-beaten-track wildcards equally welcome!


Look no further. Vintage after vintage, always delvers.
Bought 2015 EP for £72 for a 12 bottle case, that’s a bargain.
The Chave Mon Coeur CdR 2014 for £9.50 per bottle all in, with the gloss of Chave evident.
Both great for a hearty stew but especially venison or game.


I’m so happy that we’re back to one-pot wonder weather! We had a slow cooked sausage casserole the other night and drank this with it which was perfect :wine_glass:

I also do a mean chickpea and chorizo stew which is brilliant with the Exhibition Mendoza Malbec
https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pl=&pd=AR3511&pc=&prl= :heart_eyes:


Beef in Brasato - basically steep a stewing cut of beef in wine and veg for 24hrs (usually Barolo but I tend to use supermarket nebbiolo or barbaresco) and serve it with polenta and a better version of the wine you used to steep.


What cut of beef do you use? I once had this in Italy made by my friend’s mother. It was superb but she used a cut of beef which translated, is called “Priest’s hat”.
I think it is a cut of chuck…However, most recipes I see call for top side and I just don’t think that works. Too lean and doesn’t break down enough. Thanks!


I had the 2012 version last night which was quite smokey. Pot roast beef for us today as the snow depth accumulates at a shockingly rapid rate. No one’s going anywhere today so no need to worry about when to start the cooking “with” wine.