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Smoked duck pairing


On Friday I plan to combine this:


With this:

(and a small handful of hickory chips)

What would people recommend to go with smoked duck and walnut salad?? First thoughts went to a northern Rhone red (with me they very often do) but wondering if a white will cut through the smoke and richness better?

Appreciate your thoughts!


Holy smokes!!! I hope extensive footage will be taken :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


oooh! You definitely need to chat to @birdwithoutwings if you are looking for smoking advice … did you see the post about the smoked trout?

As for a match, since it is for a salad, I would still recommend a red, but maybe something lighter and with a bit more acid than Northern Rhone.

How about a Gran Reserva from Rioja? I bet that would be lovely!

(special note … you may not know, but there is a Rioja offer that will be mailed and uploaded on Monday and I’m told that it includes a number of Gran Reserva Rioja wines, so if you can wait until then, you might get lucky!)


Or maybe a Nebbiolo.


Mmm, nice ideas - I like the thinking. Not sure if I have either a Rioja or Nebbiolo though :blush:

I was hoping to open something I already have. Perhaps a new world Pinot Noir if that might work…? Or perhaps a Moulin-a-Vent (although 2014 might still be a bit young)?

Of course I never knowingly underthink these things… :slight_smile:


I think a Pinot Noir would work. Or a NZ Syrah. Something like


The reason I suggested the GR was that it will not be too overtly fruity and full-bodied. I might worry that something like that would overwhelm the nuances of a cold / cool smoked meat like this. Both Nebbiolo and new world PN would be fantastic too, but see if you can get something on the lighter / aged side

The Moulin-a-Vent might actually be a good option


Pinot or Gamay would probably do.


If you can source a mature riesling, that could be a great match, though perhaps less so if the breast is going to be fully cooked. I’m thinking of a cold-smoked brined duck breast here so probably the reds route, as advised by others, may be the way to go if that green egg is in cooking mode.


Very good call


Ooh very interesting. There’s a '98 Cuvee Frederic Emile Trimbach that I’m dying to open…

Definitely have a few Pinot options. Perhaps something savoury from Otago would do nicely

Ah (nice) decisions, (nice) decisions!!


For red I’d go with something lightish with nice acidity - Pinot Noir, of course - but also Mencia, Barbera, or even a zippy Marcillac. Chilled Beaujolais also sounds just the ticket. For white, I’d go for that old friend - off dry Alsatian Pinot Gris. It often had a lovely subtle smokiness, which might complement the smoked duck… You’re getting me all hungry now!! :wink:


That did cross my mind, but none in the cellar at the moment :frowning:

I could see that working!!


Gosh, that could be good. I don’t want to put you off, but Trimbach went through a spell of bad corks during that period. If you do decide to open that CFE, I’d suggest having something else on standby. But if it’s good, it could be really singing.


Thanks for the heads up, fingers crossed it is OK… There’s an '05 as well - could be a suitable backup!!


That. Get Freddy open! :yum:


This might seem quite out there, but I think this wine would in fact work really well and cut through the fat of the duck!


Wow - not one I’ll get by Friday but looks very intriguing. Must give it a go another time!


This is chilling in my fridge as we speak. Not sure what food to pair it with, though…?!


@Inbar - I’d appreciate hearing what you make of that one. The reviews attached to the website are a bit at variance. I had a wine from Somlo a year or so ago and it was very good indeed, but it wasn’t a Juhfark (it was a Harslevelu, plus all the accents).

ditto @Leah if you happen to have one to hand too.