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Smell the offer!


Just received the latest mailing from TWS and to me it seems to smell more than any previous offer. I suppose it’s ink but reminds me strongly of shoe or floor polish.

I think Germany 2018 smells the best, so I’ll give that the most attention!


Yep, Germany definitely has the most prominent nose :nose:

Then it’s Italy, then Wine Rack, then it’s Dare to Discover … and, ironically, it’s the Fine Wine List which seems to have the least fragrance to offer.


Hadn’t even spotted Wine Rack - just torn it in half inside the envelope!


@Andy999 @Herbster Do neither of you have any wine in the house? Must be desperate times if you’ve taken to sniffing the brochures!

Gotta be some Barefoot Merlot at the petrol station surely? Actually, on second thoughts I think I’d prefer the brochure solvent too…


That’s okay - you may have released the aromas :+1:


ooh, get you - decanting as well now :rofl:


This is a brilliant idea! Scratch & sniff wine brochures!

There’s a photo of a Leeuwin Estate Cabernet and I WANNA SMELL IT.

If they can put a man on the etc etc etc…