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Small Wonders Vintage Cellar Plan



Eerily enough, I’m just chasing this up now! A few of the people who could help have been out of the office for a bit and I forgot to chase them when they were back - apologies! Should have an answer ASAP. :slight_smile:


Ha. Spooky!



I telephoned today to ask that very question and was told only red wines were available in this plan. I should have asked if there was any particular reason why!


It’s the sort of thing I would go for if I was buying in this way, not too expensive, eclectic wines for special occasions that you won’t feel too bad about if you open it up on a wet Wednesday. All my money seems to go on what I’m drinking this year, occasionally get a bottle in a mixed case to keep a couple of years. The Small Wonders section is always something I look closely at when the brochure arrives!


Hello all!

I’ve heard back from the VCP team and they’re really delighted there’s such an interest in a white VCP plan. There’s no plans to add one this year, but I was told to ‘watch this space!’ so I think that’s a good sign. :smiley:

In the mean time, feel free to call Member Services and they’ll gladly get a wine adviser to put some suggestions together if you’d like some white wines for your cellar - they can put tasting notes etc together for you too! :slight_smile:


Good news! I kind of assumed it was mixed when I signed up, which doesn’t change my interest in it but if we had such a thing as a vote I’d like a 3:1 red:white ratio :grin: that may not be practical though.


Even more spookily I phoned today to ask about the SWVCP and in particular if it was confined to reds - and was told it was. I still plan to join but see no obvious reason why whites meeting the criteria could not be included.


Thanks for finding out and coming back to us @laura

In the mean time, I guess one slightly convoluted way of getting your 3:1 ratio @tom (and it does lose the advantage of the buyers selecting a wine you might not otherwise choose) is to decline 1 of your 4 cases of red allocated by the VCP, and use the refund to put a case of white in reserves instead.


Eagerly awaiting my first allocation of this, which claims August. We are nearing the end, anyone on other plans have an idea as to roughly when they tend to arrive?


Start of September usually. They’ll often appear in ‘my wines’ before you get the black envelope.


Have had World Classics plan for 3 or 4 years and I am assuming the shorter drinking window for SWCP might offer a bit more variety so would be very interested to hear what you get @tom


Yes. Normally allocation is notified between 5th and 10th of the month after. So August allocation early in September. I’ve just swapped from World Classics to Small Wonders for the next year so would also be interested to see what was allocated.


Thanks for the heads up - I noticed my home page has now switched to saying ‘next allocation February’ so was worried something went wrong. I’ll just be more patient :wink:


So, I was looking through my account and found an odd order that I didn’t make - fearing fraud I rang TWS only to be told it’s my VCP allocation! It’s not marked as such and I havent had any notification yet so hadme rather worried.

Anyway, interestingly enough I got two wines, 6 each of:

The Madiran I’m very happy with, especially on the heels of the EP offer!

I have a general aversion to SA wines, particularly reds, but after talking through with Jo Locke at the press tasting I’m going to keep and give these a go. Might be a good case for when the winter starts to creep in.

Overall, pleased with the result - two wines I probably wouldn’t have picked normally and looking forward to trying!


I especially like that one is ready now and one for keeping, a nice mix.


Thanks for the update @tom. That ready to drink case might be one advantage of the Small Wonders VCP - the World Classics is generally a delayed pleasure.



Intense ruby red colour. Aromas of cherries, cinnamon and plums. A fresh, medium bodied palate with complex, layered red fruit flavours and firm tannins on the finish.

Blend Sangiovese 56%, Cabernet Sauvignon 32%, Merlot 6%, Shiraz 6%


Interesting! I kind of assumed members on the same plan and dates would get the same thing, wonder how these are calculated then :thinking:

Amd that Minervois is lovely.


I’ve got the Madiran as per @tom and the Fairview as per @japcraw

Very happy with that combo


I was in the Rising Stars VCP for a few years but stopped as it was a bit hit and miss really as you’d expect I suppose, but one particular wine was quite poor, which I’ve found very, very rare with the WS and I buy a lot in the very lowest price bracket.

It was actually quite strange because the wine was allocated, but months later ( before opening the first bottle ) I got an email saying they didn’t know what the price would be when purchasing, and that some money had been credited to my account as it turned out not to be as expensive as first thought. I got the distinct impression there was more to the story than I was being told, but there you go. When I tasted it, the quality or potential to age didn’t seem to be there, but I kept them as I hoped to be wrong. They lost their fruit quite quickly and never improved.

I’ve actually started one again recently as the hits outweighed the misses and with my 50th being 5 years away the first allocations of the World Classics should be good for drinking by that time.