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Small wine glasses

Being a ‘glass half full’ kinda chap I cant seem to get on with the huge wine glasses currently en vogue. Even a modest 1/4 full glass is a third of the bottle (dangerous on a school night and SO tempting to add a splash more) whilst the glasses are ultra vulnerable to dishwasher damage. Not very good for a glass of red with a midweek spag bol.

But I do like to drink decent wine from a decent glass. Antique French bistro style maybe, but affordable - and readily available.

So can the combined brain trust of the community suggest any smaller wine glasses ?


I saw a meme yesterday from an American Somm.

It read something like, “buy the bottle, it’s only 4 glasses”

So best not to look to the USA for small glasses!

How about the Riedel Overture range? I use the Magnums as the Red was too small for me but might work for you?

I use the White as a sweet/port glass


For many years we just used ISO glasses, and still do from time to time. Perhaps not as satisfying as a large glass, but they do concentrate the aromas, and do slow down the drinking.


I know they might not fulfil the affordable bit but I am really getting into these. I found them at TK Max which made them more affordable. They are not a great shape for Burgundy but for Rhone, Bordeaux, plonk etc I find them a really good size (these are 160ccm versus the standard Riedel Bordeaux glass at 610ccm) and they are sorta the same shape as the larger Bordeaux glass.

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Riedel glasses are excellent and available in many sizes. I have the Riedel Vinum Zinfandel / Chianti / Riesling Glasses, which we use for reds and whites. But there are many others, see link:


I really like my Gabriel glas standart. When poured to the widest part of the glass, it’s about 100ml, so depends what you think of as a large glass

Emm I really like red out of larger glasses, thin glass, polished rims. I kid myself they improve the taste. So, different strokes.

Why not have your red wine out of a white wine glass. Just don’t fill them up and you’ll get no aroma.

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I’ve gone through lots of glasses. The ones that have “stuck” are these. Rona Signum, the smaller one is 34cl, the larger is 45cl. The smaller ones gets used for just about everything unless it’s a posh Bordeaux.
The 59cl large glasses have been in their box for years as most people prefer either of the ones above when given the option.


If you have a TKMax nearby it’s worth a look. They often have decent glasses available, and at very good prices. Riedel, Dartington, and many others.


I have cupboards full of Riedel glasses which are very good (especially the Vinum Chianti glass which seems to be by far the best all round red wine glass). However they are a pfaff to clean and polish.

Mrs @lincoln recently came home with a set of Dunelm branded stemless glasses. They are actually very good, and just £10 for four and fit neatly in the dishwasher. Perfect for your midweek spag Bol.

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These are typically available at £25 - £30 per box and I use for everyday red drinking and more aromatic whites. Small stems, totally robust in the dishwasher.

Google INAO tasting glasses.

I think that’s what you’re after.

I have this set, love it for everyday use. The red glasses are not small though.

Tempted… they look elegant and not TOO big. Price (17 ea) is rather squeaky though, so would be kept for best. I’m thinking a trip to TKmax is in order, many thanks for all the wise words! could be the ISO glasses for midweek.

I bought mine from Newcomer Wines, it was either £60 or £70 for a 6 box. They started off being kept for best, then I started using one for me and now I even let my wife drink out of one!

It’s a good shout, they’ve always got lots of wine glasses, frequently good quality brands (as well as the usual not such good quality brands).


my wife has made a balanced appraisal of larger / smaller wine glasses…her advice

smaller wine glasses and leave the wine bottle some distance from where you are drinking you will either

  1. drink less because you cant be bothered to get up
  2. if you can be bothered, you will offset the calories by walking, picking up the bottle and pouring the wine

estimated critical pour = 100ml …too little and you are annoyed…too much and it doesn’t work



Some random thoughts:

  • I think the way to go is a barbell approach. Get a few expensive glasses you really like. Then get cheaper ones for everyday use.

  • The glasses available at TK Maxx are generally so cheap and such good value, the above strategy really works. And glasses from TKM, which are often made in Eastern Europe, are so cheap, it’s not like breaking a Riedel or Zalto. Besides, you sometimes find Riedel at v good prices in TKM.

  • For posher glasses, I love my Zalto Bordeaux. If I wanted other top-end I’d try Gabriel Glass. And it happens to be significantly smaller I think - and I think slightly smaller glasses can be better for certain whites. But you’re talking about spag bol wine here, it seems.

  • Glass size does influence how much you drink, I believe. Here’s what I do: open a bottle of wine, and pour half into a clean screwtop half-size wine bottle (having drunk the wine in it another time). Whether white or red, place in fridge - will keep surprisingly well like this in general (though red Burgundy doesn’t really like such treatment!). I’ve had reds after a week that have actually improved… Just be careful to bring the cold bottle up to the right temperature (placing in room-temperature water can accelerate this). This way, I still enjoy my reds out of a nice big glass.

  • Avoid Paris goblets - if that’s what you meant. They’re bad for the enjoyment of wine. And there’s simply no need for them.

  • If you want some glasses that are harder to break, the Chef & Sommelier series (e.g. “Open Up”) made of tougher glass (is Kwarx the name?), are pretty good. I’ve never broken one. Though, candidly, I tend to use lighter glasses simply because they’re nicer to use…


I always swore by the Riedel range UNTIL…I discovered Zalto…£1200 later…I love them. Don’t even think about the issue of size. The austere elegant of them is majestic. The fineness of the glass unmatched…All I would say is use the white wine range for Champagne. The stems on the champagne glass range are too tall. I always handwash and dry them. I use the trendy bartender cloths for drying…you need the XXL size for the Burgundy glasses. The glasses are a joy.


I need more than joy for £1200… orgasm at least :rofl: