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Slow Cooked Wonders



Who uses slow cookers in the community??
I find them invaluable and will admit to owning 3 different size cookers. The smallest one I tend to cook stuff for the kids in, like Bolognese or duck with lentils etc… and the bigger two for when I have more company . I thought it might be a good idea to put some recipes up and maybe if other members also use slow cookers it can be added to.

The golden rules of slow cooking are:

  1. Always remember to use less liquid than you would for cooking traditionally. There isn’t anywhere for the liquid to evaporate off to.

  2. Remember some meats lend themselves to slow cooking over others, ie: Brisket, mutton etc… over leaner meats.

  3. Winter root vegetables cook better than summer veg which tends to turn to mush.

  4. It doesn’t matter how tasty your dish is, your kids wont eat it anyway :tired_face:

Recipes for wine lovers - WIKI

Beef Bourguigon**

1 Large onion chopped/ or equivalent shallots
3 Cloves of garlic crushed or chopped
3 large Carrots -diced
2-3 Stems of celery-diced
3 Sprigs of fresh thyme or a couple tspn dried.
1 Beef stock gravy
1 punnet of mushrooms
700g-1kg of diced beef
Chunk of diced pancetta
1 Btl of Red wine
Some armagnac or Brandy
2 tsp Dijon mustard

Place the Beef in a plastic Ziplock with enough plain flour to coat it sufficiently and shake it about to ensure al the beef is coated. (This will help to thicken the sauce.).

Sauteé the garlic, onions, carrots, pancetta and celery with a little oil until the onions are translucent making sure not to brown them.
Add the thyme, Dijon mustard and stock cube gravy with some red wine and cook for a couple of minutes.

Empty the pan into the pre-heated slow cooker and put the lid on.
Put some oil in the pan and began to brown off the floured beef batch by batch ensuring you don’t over fill the pan. As each batch is done add to the slow cooker. This is quite a quick process and ensure you de-glaze the pan with more red wine between batches of browning . This also ensures you are cooking off the alcohol, important if kids will be eating it later on. Continue until all the beef has been added to the slow cooker and again deglaze the pan with the red wine. (YOu should ideally have used between 3/4 to a full bottle of wine at this point.

After a couple of hours…
Add a little butter to the pan and melt, add in the sliced mushrooms and cook until starting to soften, literally takes no time. Add a few dashed of Armagnac and sauteé. Add to the slow cooker. This may take you 1-2 batches as again its important not to over fill the pan. Place the lid on the slow cooker and if there’s any wine left… Drink it :grin:.
Depending on your slow cooker, you can cook on high, medium or low. It normally takes between 5-6 hours on slow but will cook faster if its on a high setting.
Serve with mashed potatoes and remember to season well to your taste.


I learnt this yesterday when I made a bolognase. Tasted fine but lots of water wasted!


Pork Normandy

(Pre- Heat the slow cooker)
Around 2lb of lean pork, I use loin and you can use bigger quantities
2 large onions chopped
3 large carrots diced
4 celery stalks diced
2-3 large apples diced (Can be substituted for pears and use pear cider)
4-5 garlic cloves crushed
1 tbsp of chopped fresh Rosemary, use less is using dried.
2 Large tbsp Dijon mustard
330ml dry Apple cider (or pear cider if using pears instead of apples)
Crème Fraiche
1 chicken or pork stock gravy

Add the onions, garlic, celery, carrots and apple to a pan with oil. Sautée until the onion is soft.
Add the rosemary, mustard and stock with around half the cider and simmer for a couple of minutes. Tip it into the slowcooker.

Add a little oil back into the pan and brown the pork in batches adding to the slow cooker once browned.
Once all the pork has been added deglaze the pan with the remaining cider and add to the slow cooker.

This will cook on high in 2-3 hours or 3-4 on low.
Once cooked, stir in crème fraiche to finish off.
Serve with rice or potatoes.


I’m thinking of getting a slow cooker so will be making note of these recipes, thanks for sharing them!


@catherine Think about getting an oval shaped one - they’re very good for cooking a whole chicken in - not a roast effect, obviously, but think falling-off-the-bone tastiness.


My 3 are all oval shaped just small medium and large :wink:. Can get quite a bit in even the smallest one .


Good to know! :+1:t2:


I have one that is also a pressure cooker. This is best for home made stock as it dramatically reduces the time (especially for beef). Amazing for cooking dried beans. It is a pretty good rice maker, too. Only used once as a slow cooker.


I can recommend the Instant Pot. Can be used as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker - tougher cuts of meat/stew tender and ready to eat in around 35 minutes or less.


We are about to get our slow cooker out now that the weather has turned a tad. An idea my wife had whilst at uni was to cut up a large amount of root veg, bag them up in slow cooker sized portions and freeze them down. You can then just grab a bag of root veg in the morning, put it in the slow cooker along with any meat you might want and then come back later to a slow cooked meal :smiley:


Remarkable - here I am tucking in to slow cooked lamb shanks!

I might add rules 5 and 6:

  1. CARTOUCHE ! (circle of greaseproof paper) on top - prevents meat on top from drying out

  2. VERY average wine is BEST - great way to use those bottle you don’t fancy drinking.

Broaden your horizons: Beef Rendang is fantastic. Chilli Con Carne (obviously) and scotch bonnet chilli WITH SEEDS and generous chunks of beef, not mince. Confit de canard is a fail - no idea why, yet cassoulet is sublime!.


Leah: Did I see an image of an 1973 Armagnac used for cooking?


Looks like it was being used for stirring…


I may be wrong but I think that was a very well priced Aldi/Lidl number from a few Christmases ago…


Haha… I was next going to post my Beef Rendang and brisket chilli recipes but feel free to add yours :grin:

Oh but you’re soo right… and it was only a tad that went in :smile:


Loving all the recipes popping up at the moment

Our slow cooker gets a bit of use over the colder months too, so satisfying to have something bubbling away to enjoy in front of the fire

Appreciate any other slow cooker recipes people fancy posting :slight_smile:


We have a large crockpot, oval in shape. We have a flat in the Alps for skiing and put on a meal in the morning ready for the hungry skiers in the evening. Also the local meat to their, especially beef, needs to cook longer than UK meat as appears tougher. We also buy local plonk to add to the stew. So far we just by cheap wine but would be interested to know what wines people use to cook, and does it really matter?


Just five minutes ago I emptied an unwanted bottle of Hardy’s Crest Shiraz into the slow cooker, on top of a load of sausages and onions. We’ll get a delivery of vegetables in about an hour, so I’ll see what’s else I can add. We can have it with mash or something later.

I’m hoping all that grotty residual sugar will add a little something to the resulting sauce/gravy.


I used an Aldi exquisite range Malbec for the Beef Bourg :grimacing: