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Slovakian White Wines


Hi. This is my first post so please be gentle with me!

I’m just back from a long weekend in Bratislava and wanted to share my experience of some very nice Slovakian white wines (Slovakia is also home to some excellent beer, but that’s another story). Sadly, none of them appear in the Society’s latest list, but maybe one day?!

The first is called Karpatska Perla, Veltinske Zelene, which is essentially a Gruner Vetliner. Lovely with fish. Slovakia is also big on Riesling, with various varieties: rynsky and vlatsky. Slovakia also produces Muller-Thurgau wine, more commonly associated with Germany. All are light and fruity.

Finally, we tried a wine called Devin, which is off-dry with a floral bouquet. Delicious.


Hi @DaveL! It’s an excellent first post and a good question too! Top marks.

I haven’t been out to Bratislava yet but will have to go there one day. Thanks for the heads-up about the wines. Slovakian wine is popping up here and there in the UK it seems. I actually tasted some a few months back and it was interesting, some actually very nice but just a bit expensive, so being able to offer value to members was the hang-up for me. Shipping is an issue…

That being said though, you never quite now what’s around the corner and I’m always looking for exciting new stuff from all parts of Eastern Europe! Nothing Slovakian is in the pipeline for the very immediate future but never say never. Who knows what might crop up!



The most famous Slovak wine is probably Ch. Bela Riesling. Made in partnership with the legendary Egon Muller, no UK distributor as far as I know. I believe a tiny bit of Tokaji is in Slovakia (although the locals there are Hungarians)



Thanks Freddy - it’s good to see that you’re familiar with Slovak wines. It’s just a pity about the pricing, which is a bit surprising, as the prices of decent wine for sale in Slovakia itself is often very modest. Let’s hope the Society can crack this problem before too long!

And you’re absolutely right about wines in Eastern Europe more generally. I was in Hungary last year and had some great wines there as well.


I’m absolutely loving Hungarian wines at the moment. I was lucky enough to be out there a few weeks back and it’s full of gems and new discoveries, which reflect all the spices and wonderful flavours that Hungary is known for.
I’ve got an exciting shipment coming from Hungary due to land any day now, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks :grinning:


Not sure, especially in these times of ultranationalism, that we should really be supporting the economy of Hungary, probably Europe’s most dangerously autocratic government and one which is openly racist and has not only refused to take a single Syrian refugee but built a wall to keep them out!


At the risk of sounding controversial, name me one government which hasn’t got a stain on its record. Ours very much included. Shall we stop buying wine from the US due its appalling record on all sorts of fronts?
Boycotting wine producers isn’t the answer. And I speak as an ex-Israeli, so know something about boycotting and its problems.


I don’t really agree. Was the boycott of Southe Africa in the 80s not a significant factor in putting pressure on the apartheid government, and one which played a part in its eventual downfall?

It is also, I think, somewhat disingenuous to compare the faults of governments in pluralistic democratic systems such as France, Germany, Spain, and most other European countries with governments that work actively to undermine common European values.

Personally I shall continue to support products from countries that are working for an open, and inclusive Europe, and not the influences that are pushing us towards fascism.


I wholeheartedly agree with you - and I wasn’t trying to be flippant about the impact of boycotting. Only to point out that no governments I know of has a clear conscience, and ‘fascism’ as you call it- can take many guises, even in pluralistic and supposedly enlightened democracies. But this isn’t a political forum, so I shall stop here.
Thankfully we can make individual choices about these issues.


Sure, no worries!