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Site issues adding beer!


Is anyone having issues adding beer to their basket?? I can add wine no problem but it’s not allowing me to add beer … I’ve tried to add four different types but no luck :thinking:! Just wondering is anyone else is having this issue ??


Probably not the same issue, but I ordered a case of the Kernel Table beer for delivery on Monday and got a call today that they did not find any in the warehouse and do they will deliver on 13 June. Completely fine with me as there was no immediate need…


Interesting … I tried to add a couple different northern monk, chew chew and another beer but it brings up this message …

Obviously this can’t be correct as I’m logged in and am actively using the site . It will allow me to add a case but not say 6 cans etc…


I’ve checked and I am getting that too. Very odd.

I will send a message about it, but doubt we’ll get any immediate resolution.

Thanks for spotting it!


Maybe the algorithm says, “Hey, we’re a wine society, what’s with this beer stuff?”


I added the individual beer by the case to my basket then adjusted the quantity and that’s worked :wink:!


How was the Mexican beer?


It’s perfect for a shandy :rofl:! The Mojitos are better :wink:!


That seems like an ingenious workaround! It doesn’t seem to affect ciders, only beers by the bottle or can. Cases are OK.


(started this yesterday - must have got distracted by a hole in the ground)

Thanks for letting us know. I passed it on and the error has been identified and fixed. It will take a little while to test carefully and upload to the site, but it should be in place soon.

We really appreciate the feedback and the warning. If you get this issue, or any other, in future, please do feel free to let us know.