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Single bottle orders back?

Unless it’s just a glitch, it looks like it’s now possible to order by the bottle again. Prepare for a bombardment of new orders!

What about collection from Stevenage? The update page

says first that it is still suspended and then that it is now available?

Something that really irritates me on many internet and website announcements is that they don’t show a date, or at least not a readily visible date, so when you see latest news, or latest update, or whatever, you don’t know if it’s been there 5 minutes, or 5 days, or 5 weeks, or 5 years. Very unhelpful.


How did you get it to work? Still ordering by the case for my account…

It’s on


I can still only add by the case…

Am I missing something or just being silly?

Edit: CTRL key and F5 resolved all my problems - all good now thanks.


Caching issue then! :smiley:

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It’s going viral R3+

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Mentioned on another thread yesterday. I placed a mixed case order and earliest delivery is June! Although one bottle is out of stock until 15th. Hopefully it doesn’t really take that long.

However still no mixed cases from reserves - any ideas what the timeline is for that anyone?

It was telling me the 20th May, earlier. This was for the North West.


20th May also for the order placed yesterday

Same for me. I think it’s an almost generic place holder for DHL at this point. I’ve had similar from something (non-wine!) related that I’ve ordered with them as a courier too.

I’m guessing that due to the shutdown and general lockdown in the UK that there must be a couple of months worth of new stock going to start to come through to the website in due course? It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new fine wine offer or any offers in fact! Must be interesting bottles waiting in the wings :grinning:


Does that mean hold off for now?

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Or buy now and later!


Oh no, I wouldn’t want anyone to go thirsty but maybe hide a few fivers down the back of the couch


Just for the record, I put in an order for three cases - two of them mixed - a couple of days ago, and got quoted a delivery date of 10th June. Or at least if I recall correctly - the date doesn’t actually appear on my orders details or the confirmatory email, so I guess it’s just an estimate.

No urgency from my end, so no complaints.


I agree delivery dates appear to be more of an estimate and a marker for DHL systems than a firm date in my experience.
I ordered 4 × six-bottle cases, 15th April and was offered 13 May for delivery.
So far, 3 cases have arrived (each on separate days; Fri 1st, Sat 2nd and Mon 4th May). I had a DHL email the day before the first drop and text message on the morning of each delivery.
Order tracking states “part delivered”, so I am confidently expecting case 4 this week.


The website seems to have been updated, and it looks as if collection is possible. But I am still trying to find out if there is a requirement for full cases (the collection discount is only quoted per case) and if there are delays, so I haven’t tried to order yet. Has anyone tried?

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