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Singapore F1GP


Looking forward to a good race, this track seems to provide great entertainment year on year!


…and were your expectations met ?

I was at Silverstone for some tin-top BTCC action…it never fails to provide great entertainment !


Tip top action at Silverstone…on your bike.
My grandsons (7 and5 ) love it.


@Ludlow_Steve; @JamesF

A terrific result for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, more so unexpected after lesser expectations.
His lap for pole on Saturday demonstrated that his “A Game” is worth the money his team pays him!
And when we observe the blatant petulance that Vettel exhibited in Azerbaijan or Perez twice yesterday or even Schumacher “parking up” in Monaco, he is a British ( 4 times) world champion from Stevenage that we should be proud of. It astonishes me that behind Kimi, he is the 2nd oldest driver on the grid but with his fashion, music etc he seems to have a connection with the younger generation. Formula 1 needs this as many of its present fans come from the older end of the spectrum, ergo they can afford Sky for all the live races, next year just one from Silverstone and highlights. This requires addressing as the UK is the home of most of the teams, and we deserve better.


the track was opened to the public after the racing yesterday - nice touch


That qualifying lap was something! Ferrari couldn’t do it…even though the hype said they could.

The general treatment of fans by the new owners is something to behold as a lesson on how not to engage with your market - the TV and app are both disappointing to the point of embarrassing.

The sky deal was done by Bernie though… personally glad we will have FTA highlights (on the day) and Silverstone…lets see the viewing figures for 2019 and wee what we get in 2020

I’ve said on other forums, the end of this current Concorde agreement will be an interesting time for the sport.


A win for Hamilton this weekend should seal the Championship.
An odd thing to wake up and have the GP recorded to watch at my leisure.


are you a Sky or a C4F1 viewer ?

Sky is more comprehensive ( or is it just longer?) but I do like the C4 presenters esp Dc in the commentary box


Me, no question CH4 every time. If they are both on live, then I will watch the CH4 coverage. Sky throw lots of money at their coverage and all I see in the main are presenters and commentators who are full of themselves.
The production company who do the CH4 F1 coverage also do the 2 weekly NFL shows which are again streets ahead of the crusty, crumbly Sky coverage.
At least now, I don’t have to worry about the Murdoch ire descending upon me!!:grinning::wink:
And Paul di Resta who cannot pronounce “Mercedes” correctly, even if his life depended upon it!


Whisper (who produce C4F1) are very good on a sports TV front…helps the DC is a director of the company (as is Jake Humphrey)

Be interesting to see what format the highlight programmes take next year - will they be taking a full crew to each GP or will it be a slimmed down event…to lose EJ wouldn’t be a great loss imho


Some people might get upset here…

Click on the down arrow in the top right of the quote below…


I do hope that Whisper do the highlights package for CH4 next year.
Whilst EJ is a tad eccentric, he does introduce humour and his brand of quirkiness to the production.
I would despair if Sky did the highlights for CH4.:cry:


I got up late (ish), made some bacon sarnies and a BIG mug of builders tea and watched CH4’s P3 and the entire qualifying session as if in real time.

No radio, news channels, smartphone or laptop to spoil the result, it was fun!!
Just because we are out of (time) sync with Japan, it doesn’t mean that one cannot enjoy the event!


But you are not wearing one of EJs very expensive hair pieces :rofl:


We regularly do this with the rugby as it allows a ‘live’ game experience at home with time for a trip to the local factored in :slight_smile:


Just finished watching the F1GP.
Another great result for the Merc team, onwards and upwards to Austin.:crossed_fingers:

Now my other favourite Sunday pastime, before the Kansas game, will be watching Andrew Marr, Sophie on Sky News and Jo Coburn. Ok, not everyone’s cup of tea, but since I was a 12 year old paper boy, to my parents astonishment; I would spend some of my pay on an Observer every Sunday.

The Scottish Lamb is all prepped up, the two halves of Raspail-Ay 2015 standing to attention blissfully ignorant as to their fate later this evening. I may get some stick for a “wasted” day from the GF later on, but “sod it,” it’s my life!!:wink:


sounds like an almost perfect Sunday!!..they are meant to be a day of rest after all

sadly, due to lots of jobs to be done, I only managed to snatch occasional glances of the TV…the rest was listening to the commentary of DC / BE and my 8 yr old.

I don’t think, at this stage of the season, anything can be done to halt another Merc year…just hope SV plays nicely with the others!