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Still digressing…

I went to a Benedictine monastery school and, inevitably, Latin was compulsory. It took me three attempts to get my ‘O’ level after which they thankfully allowed me to give it up. By the end of it you really can’t imagine how sick of reading the Aeneid in Latin I was: Arma virumque cano….


Ditto, albeit I managed fairly decently with Latin. Blowed if I can remember very much of it now though…


Dare I ask which? Mine was Ampleforth.


St Augustine’s. Unfortunately, shut down in 1995, after 130 years…


Ah, not one I’m familiar with. Sad that it closed.


You should have tried doing it into French (a year in a lycée). For some reason, the French vocabulary I had learned up to that point didn’t include all the technical terms for weapons, boats, etc, while being able to say la robe est belle didn’t help much with the Aeneid.


Ha! We only did Book Two. All I can remember is that Tenedos definitely est in conspectu…