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Silly badges


Was that meant to be Ironic or not? Unsure?! :wink:


Fortunately there is no compulsion to use badges, so it is not possible for you to know how many '308’s there are (or who we are).


Aha! - but you can! (though of course my lips are sealed on how exactly).

@Aaronb is right - there don’t seem to have been any new members appointed (elected?) to Club 30/80 since June of last year - presumably as punishment for that unfortunate incident involving the banjo and the fire extinguisher.

  1. Mwahahahaha…


It’s very easy to see how many members are in each group, and exactly who they are too.


and my “certified” badge isn’t ticked…whatever previous work colleagues have told me :slight_smile:


Is this the Ghost of Mr Tallis?


I see there is not any news about the Uneducated Northern Oick Badge…I dont live in expectation !!! UNOB


I think it’s time your designed your own, Sully! :wink:


will do when I get my ipad back…


Alas no. I can only aspire to Rick’s wisdom and insight.


I’m sorry but whichever way you look at this ‘badge’ idea, it’s really naff isn’t it? Apart from being somewhat divisive, what possible good is having a virtual badge? Reminds me of McDonalds (fries, burgers, drinks etc) stars.


Not me, i like them


I still enjoy the fact that all who participate in this discussion have to click on its title.


What’s wrong with being silly and light-hearted? We fiddle while Rome is burning.


I honestly cant say I feel strongly one way or the other about the badges. They’re just there. I don’t really think about them that much.

(other than the much coveted 308 membership, which I assume unlocks hidden forums and great wines)


Of course it does, but you have to know the secret handshake first…

I completely agree re the badges. They’re a bit of fun that you can view as a little feedback from the forum itself or just completely ignore. Most of the time I completely forget they even exist. After the first flush of ‘firsts’ when you initially join you really see very little of them.


Where do you thnk the ‘missing’ Golden wines went? :star_struck:


Don’t even mention the secret Platinum wine giveaway.


The first rule of the 308 Club is ‘We don’t talk about the 308 Club’…