Sicily - post Coronavirus

Hi, we are off to Sicily for two months motor homing and wondered if folk have any contemporaneous news of how the island’s wine and restaurant sectors are doing (with recommendations) post Coronavirus . We picked up some tips from a previous Chat in 2019-20 but if anyone’s been more recently we’d love to hear from you.


Keen to follow this as I’ll be there in April.

We’ll see what we can do.

Not too much change from pre 2020, I don;t think. I was there briefly last year and didn’t notice too much change.

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We (two of us and three children 16-22) visited in July 2022 - our first trip to Sicily and loved it. We did 5 nights each near Taormina and Syracuse.

In both places we found plenty of fabulous restaurants - dozens of them and were spoilt for choice. A couple of them we particularly enjoyed - will see if i can find the details.


Much appreciated.

Only very broad & very general comments I’m afraid, and I think you’ll know yourself anyway; but I would say it’s hard not to eat & drink well in Sicily - I used to work there a lot and don’t remember ever not being very happy with eating choices everywhere I went.

As for post-COVID etc, a close friend of mine was there in November for 4 weeks, and he was saying all seems absolutely back to normal & BAU again FWIW. He was all over the island, but mostly in Catania & Palermo. He knows the place well having visited multiple times over the years for his PhD on Sicilian renaissance architecture - no laughing at the back - so you can feel confident I think.


Cheers, many thanks.

My apologies to colleagues that have responded to my request. We have abandoned Sicily as the Island’s weather for the foreseeable future is cold and wet. Now heading for Barcelona and beyond where the sun shines supreme. We shall return to Sicily at a better point in the weather year i am sure. Apologies once again.