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Showroom Reopening

I received an email this morning announcing the reopening of the showroom on Wednesday. Might be of interest to those living close by.


This is undoubtedly great news for all the showroom staff and those living nearby who benefit from the services provided there. Congratulations, best wishes and good luck to all.
Although minor, relative to the livelihoods of the staff, I do hope it is recognised that the lockdowns have in fact extended a few benefits of living near Stevenage to all society members. In particular it, the zoom and Instagram events with winemakers and wine experts, which have understandably previously been very London and South East England focussed, have been really interesting and something I might otherwise get to attend only once every four or five years. The use of mystery cases to shift low volume or label damaged stock has (from the customers perspective at least) been hugely successful and something I would be very disappointed to see disappear if it were all to return to the clearance shelves of the showroom