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Showroom opening

In case anyone failed to get the email: open from 15 June. But, unless I have misinterpreted the floor layout, no bin ends?

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That’s exactly what struck me! I suppose the bin-ends would create a bit of a blockage in the through-flow.

For those who are interested, eventually found the details of the reopening on the website:


No bin ends was what I saw. Since the rest of the wine is on the website, the bin ends are - for me - the main attraction, a happy hunting ground where sometimes I’ll find a dozen wines to buy and other times, none.

Also the tasting counter, another attraction, is closed.

But little steps and I applaud TWS management and staff for their moves back to something approaching normality.


Yes, I noticed that the tasting counter was also closed, and wondered why. There have always been individual tasting glasses, and if they are worried about the small risk from pressing the button, they could provide gloves.

I would imagine that the tasting counter is more about proximity to other people than physical contact. As much as people are following social distancing rules far better outside than in (in my experience of local supermarkets and shops), it’s far more important to keep distance while inside.

Given limited number of people allowed in shops at any one time, it’s also probably not desirable to have people milling around at a tasting table while the queue gets longer.


I have never seen a queue at the tasting counter, and only rarely seen even a second person.

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so not crucial then…


You are missing the point. See @peterm’s original comment.

I understand where you’re coming from, if I were close enough to visit the show room, the bin ends and tasting table would be the sole reasons I’d visit.

Unfortunately, with the need for safety first, these are the bits that are most likely to cause bottle necks. People wanting to stop and taste or rummage more means slowing things down and more touching of things, that I understand why they’re not opening them immediately.

Borough Markets current slogan is “Come, shop, leave” which unfortunately is the way things are going to have to be at the moment.

Having decided some time ago to buy most of my wine directly from the showroom, on my periodic visits, I was upset when it closed.
I have sometimes seen other(s) at the tasting counter, and I did sometimes visit it myself, though driving always limited its attraction (and I don’t much like spitting decent wine!). I can’t right now remember ever visiting the bin ends without somebody else present, except for a few moments perhaps. It was clearly the biggest attraction. Equally clearly the most potentially problematic in this time of “social distance”.
It’s a great shame, but unavoidable I fear.


I am feeling charitable and assuming you mean this point.

I wholeheartedly agree.


Please don’t be charitable.

I’m going to pop up there next weekend to collect a few bottles I’ve ordered & withdrawn from reserves, and would normally take the opportunity to have a good rummage around the bin ends and fine wine room, having made the effort (albeit only twenty minutes up the road). I usually end up with another case to go, but no great loss if that can’t happen this time!

I’ve also never seen anyone tackle the enomatics - I wonder how heavy the uptake is on those… although admittedly I usually head up as early as possible so have never seen the place particularly busy.

For some of us, they are one of the main reasons for collecting from the showroom. I no longer like to buy wines I haven’t tasted (at least not over about £10) .

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I can understand wanting to try wines before you buy them, but there is an awful lot to consider:

  1. They think they are going to be busy at first
  2. Limitations to the number of people they can have in store at the same time
  3. They won’t be allowed as many staff in the store at the same time as usual
  4. Customers hanging around, thereby keeping others outside for longer than usual
  5. Cross-contamination on the enomatic machines
  6. The hygiene of used, dirty glasses (particularly if they have fewer staff) and possible spitting of tasting samples

It just makes sense, particularly at the initial reopening to act cautiously, assess what’s going on and make adjustments as appropriate.


Bin Ends section might have been scrapped on the back of the success (?) of the Lockdown Mystery cases… as well as for being another area where people linger. Just speculating, so go easy on me.


The temporary layout makes perfect sense to me all things considered right now. It seems designed to give members the opportunity to browse and buy in a controlled manner whilst trying to avoid undue delay to other members who maybe stuck in a queue outside.

My experience in The Showroom with regard to the enomatics and the bin-end sections is that they’re usually the busiest areas and the places where members linger the longest. I know I do. That said, I usually go on a Saturday lunchtime which is likely one of the busier times.

The only serious issue for me is that the toilets are out of bounds !