Should the Society be using paper tape?

I’ve noticed that many businesses, including those selling wine, now use paper tape for their cardboard shipping boxes. My understanding is that paper tape is more ecological than conventional tape in part because boxes can still be recycled efficiently with paper tape left on them. Given the Society’s commitment to ecological practices shouldn’t it being using paper tape as well?


Common misconception that you need to remove plastic tape from cardboard recycling - no harm done if people do of course, but the idea you need to sadly reduces the amount recycled overall for no need.

Yes this is true but I’d put money on it that the plastic tape that is skimmed off when they pulp the boxes just ends up in land fill. I think the paper tape (with the string in it for strength) will pulp down with the boxes just fine.

I seem to remember TWS have a ‘green issues’ guru now. A good question and perhaps @laura or another members services can direct this one for a reply?

@Dom - what do you think?

Laura doesn’t work for the society any more, @TeresaGirao is the community person who should be able to get someone to provide a comment

This has blown my mind!!!
In terms of choices of tape, I guess strength and weather resistance may be important. Avoiding single use plastic feels instinctively correct, but paper production is an energy intensive process? I guess a holstic full life cycle comparison would be needed.