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Should I be suspicious


… of a 60 GBP Certan Marzelle with a drinking window of just 12 years? & this is 2010 we are talking about. The 2011 version doesn’t even have a drinking window.

I have tried so much of Mow-aches over the last few fiscal quarters that I almost feel married to JPM now. Aren’t we all. But it looks to me like a questionable experimentation with the Pomerol ‘brand’. Something along the lines of Dr Evil’s ‘Why make trillions when we can make er… billions!’ In his special reserved ‘Hosanna’ secret garden he is brewing up a new winning formula of a designer short-lived Pomerol that is desperately trying to taste like Left Bank, but at a higher recommended retail price - to please us all. Oh why oh why.

Since I have not tasted it yet, perhaps I should stop extrapolating & seek the vox ex profundis of those who are in a more harmonious marriage with the Supreme Architect of New Pomerol Apocalypse, i.e. those who have tried it, liked it & the only reason they are not writing rave reviews for it is because they don’t want to attract crowds.

Then I will be in the position to try it myself & write a long essay on why exactly I did not quite like it, in full depth :slight_smile:


The drinking window for the 2010 is 2015- 2025, so no problem.


Oh good. Perhaps it got ammeneded? But even 15 is not overly generous for Pomerol…