Shortfall in your order

I’m waiting for Donnhoff too which is getting worrying…if the ‘shortfall’ crap comes out I can feel a letter coming on…

You and me both Mark, though the ones I ordered are still in stock, so fingers crossed…

Just had an email through from Marcel reminding us all what a wonderful vintage it is, so there must be a fair amount left one would think. I would be triply unhappy if I was told that it was now out of stock!

Someone at TWS must not like @Rafa…maybe that’s what happens for starting this thread… :wink:


Yeah, just going back to the shortfall in order situation, after receiving that email six times in pretty quick succession i now bite the bullet and anything low stock is delivered asap by DHL, not ideal as I too have had some bad experiences with them, but it does seem safer with low stock bottles than waiting for a SRV slot…

I’ve just found an email from last Friday in my spam folder from TWS with a formal confirmation of transfer to Reserves for my Donnhoff…they still aren’t showing online but that’s not uncommon.


Me too but I’m never 100% happy til they’re actually showing there. Call me paranoid, but y’know, with the ‘upgraded’ website anything is possible…

Yes, but I think this is more important in that the original order confirmation T&C allows for a wriggle out…I think that a confirmation of transfer to Reserves is a bit more and essentially confirms that the transaction has occurred and that I have the wines. If they then don’t have them they can go and find some for me!


That’s cool, as I had one of those and assumed they’d show up in reserves after that :rofl:

They will, or rather should, but it seems to take a varying amount of time.

The confirmation document is an invoice which has been paid, which for me tells me the wine is now mine.

Quite amusing to note that the delivery ‘address’ is shown as Member Reserves at the Wine Society, but the default wording for delivery instructions shows ‘if out, leave on rear conservatory step’ :rofl: :rofl:!


Second email I get this week. The whole order was cancelled. There are great things about been a member but it’s getting harder to know what exactly as members became accessories to the organisation. I would like at least to be contacted by a human with an alternative to my cancelled order.


Jinxed ….

Someone in stock management really don’t like me!


On the rare occasions this happened ‘back in the day’ I was definitely contacted by a real human being who would suggest alternatives. To my mind the auto email, pre printed slip in a case (where a / some bottles are missing but not the whole order) and lack of follow up does suggest this is now a large volume issue instead of the occasional error. Particularly in your case @Rafa


Believe it or not I had paid for this order with credit I received from a previous order where there was a bottle missing!
What are the odds??


In your case? High :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, I can well believe it :frowning_face:

Just had a delivery, an order after Monday’s tasting. On picking up the case I thought “Hmm, this feels light.”

Sure enough, only 5 bottles, although the dispatch note shows the full order of six.

Let’s see what Member Services have to say.

Edit: picking error, apparently, replacement bottle on its way, so all’s well.


Ok, I can confirm that 14 days after order they now show in reserves and I can do stuff with them. A first for me.


Mine there too now. I was relaxed after getting the second email. That one was a contract. It always takes a few days after that for the online Reserves to update. They might still lose them…and there is still DHL to contend with at delivery time…

Happened again.

There were three bottles of a wine left in stock. I bought all three and 2 days later got an email to say only 1 available.
There is really, little point buying from the wine society these days as it’s a complete lottery whether or not the wine ordered will arrive.

Clearly the WS aren’t listening to the numerous complaints around this issue, so there is no point complaining. Time to move on and buy wine elsewhere.