Shortfall in your order

You stopped being just ‘unlucky’ about 16 orders ago then…must be so frustrating.

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I won’t comment as there’s nothing I can say at this point


Strange - it’s incredibly rare for me to get a shortfall in my order - I guess I spend £3k+ a year and maybe it happens once a year?

Presumably it’s because I do not attempt to buy high value/ low quantity / sought after bottles.

To be honest I’m more worried about my annual spend calculation.

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I checked my account and I placed 15 orders in the last 3 months
I get the shortfall in your order message more often than anyone should. Evidence of how many times it has happened to me is the fact I started this topic


My theory is that there is a sort of anti-Rafa, reverse-Rafa or Rafa-doppelganger that is after literally the same wines who is also annoyed that half the time he gets the “shortfall in your order” message. A bit like a wine version of Everything, Everywhere All at Once, or the original Mortal Kombat sprites of Scorpion and Sub Zero.


I’m shocked I’ve never had a shortfall…

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Or indeed a ‘class-of-Rafa’ (or Rafa-like) portion of the membership who all seek the same wines at the same moment, creating an unstable purchasing bubble where demand outstrips supply ?

I’ll get my coat.

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Clear member archetype there, maybe TWS use it to taylor their release of the smallest batches of bottles in a form of recursive self fulfilling prophecy?

(Hold my beer!)

Looks like I’ve got one of these emails heading my way…

Logged into my account this morning and sure enough…

Looks like the 2013 Rocking Horse is indeed as rare as Rocking Horse shit :poop:


Don’t you mean :unicorn: :poop:

I’ve not had the email yet, I’m hoping for 1 bottle today.


I’m incredibly disappointed this keeps happening and even more disappointed it continues to happen to you .


Would be interesting to test the system on this.

I raised my order Saturday morning (about 10-1030am I think? As I was having my 2nd coffee after taking the cat to the vet in a cat box for the very first time in his nearly 6 year old life. He didn’t like it at all! Very stressful for the both us. He’s fine now though. Just a sprained ankle we think)

Delivery was requested for Friday 17/02.

It would be interesting to know when you raised your order @Brocklehurstj?
Just wondering if raising before someone gets you the wine or raising after but with a sooner delivery date gets you the wine.
But then you may have raised the order around a similar time in which case the earlier delivery date will trump my later one which I think we have all worked out.

I guess if you’ve not got the credit on your account or the dreaded email you can probably expect its imminent arrival. #notbitter :smiling_face_with_tear:

It was before 08:30 on Saturday morning, to my shame. My wine buying habits know no curfew. Delivery requested soonest - Tuesday to avoid a disgruntled post here.

Agree it would be interesting to know, but I suspect that picking date trumps all if there is a discrepancy. If a shortfall in stock is not known, then there would be no reason not to pick wine for an order placed later but delivered earlier than an order that was placed earlier, but to be delivered later (if that makes sense).


I’m going to hedge my bets that orders placed for sooner delivery take preference regardless of when they were ordered as they are “picked” first .


Oh, no shame whatsoever!

It’s weird because I think there were 6 bottles showing when I did the old ‘add a boatload’ to my cart.
So you would have thought the system vs the stock is aligned.
But if the system has

(still don’t know how long this delay is despite @Joll’s query)

Then this issue will continually repeat and annoy people.


Another thing that doesn’t add up for me is this:

If the issue really arises due to a time delay between the website and the stock handling system, this discrepancy should become clear as soon as these systems have synchronised. Therefore, it should be easy to cancel the latest placed orders rather than waiting for the stock to run out during picking (and therefore cancelling the latest picked orders).


Related to this thread - how long does it take for wine put in reserves to show up in reaerves? It’s been ten days now and still empty.

Up to 2 weeks I believe. I’m still waiting for my Donnhoff to show up, though the Prum bought in the same order has been showing there for a few days now. Bit haphazard…


I think they have changed it this year. Seem to remember reading that you will see your reserves updated after the 8th of the month. Trying to find where I read that

Edit - can’t find it but I’m sure it was on the email about the price increase if anyone still has it

The current message that appears when placing an order for reserves is definitely that it may take up to two weeks to appear.