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Shortfall in your order

Spotted a few bottles of this that had appeared:


Needed a Rioja re-up, so ordered 6 for delivery today, but just been informed only two are arriving.

Annoying, mainly as I’d have made up the half-case with something else had I known. On the other hand its saved me c. £60, and there is always more decent Rioja out there, so I’m not throwing any toys out.


First of the year!!
If my luck was like that when picking lotto numbers…


You really do seem to manage this far too often compared with everything else :frowning:
I missed this even coming back in to stock. I’m not sure if that puts you one up on me or not.


My theory is that TWS is running a study on my purchasing habits. I’m unsure what the goal is but I will keep on going.


Just received the dreaded shortfall email for the first time:

This was one bottle from a mixed case of 12 I put together for reserves. I wonder if this means that they’ll be putting a mixed case of 11 into reserves, or if I’ll get another email saying I need to add a different bottle to my order.

Very annoying isn’t it. What was the wine?

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Might be worth speaking to member services. I thought the rules were also that if it’s their mistake/choice/limit on the order then the reserve rules can change.

One that you would probably approve of:


I’ve never tried it before, but thought I would put together a mixed case of some Australian and New Zealand wines to forget about for a few years. I do still have a bottle of the 2013 vintage of this one in the case, but I was looking forward to comparing the two vintages.


Yes, certainly approved around these parts :+1::+1:
Now it’s even more annoying!

No need to add another bottle. It happened to me before and I got all kind of case sizes I put together originally as 12 and then found their wine to reserves as 10 or 9 bottle cases

What a shame, sorry to hear this @rmvb2. As @Rafa says, there may be no need to add another bottle, but do contact Member Services if you would like confirmation of this!

Happened to me, again, before Christmas with a box of twelve being sent as a gift.
Only told on the day of delivery that one bottle out of stock, so recipients received a 12 slot box with 11 bottles in it.

The opportunity to add a replacement before delivery would have been preferred but alas, not to be.

Must admit that other retailers are my first choice now rather than TWS due to the inconsistency and lack of confidence that what I order will arrive.

Shame after being a member for so long.

Didn’t occur once on any order pre the website revamp, but has become the norm now.
Hopefully things will improve with time.

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Slightly annoying this as I ordered back in November but it was unfulfilled.

@laura, @TeresaGirao, Is there any way of recognising unfulfilled orders so that if the wine comes back into stock, an email could be sent to those people? Something like ‘sorry you missed out due to a stock discrepancy but this wine is now back in order if you would like to order it?’
Might be classified as a “not essential, but nice thing to do.”


Hi @winechief That’s a good question. I’ll ask the team now and I’ll let you know what they come back with :slight_smile:

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Ouch!! I know I’ve ordered this from Decantalo in the past, might be worth a look:

Valdesil Godello Sobre Lías 2019 | Decántalo (decantalo.com)


I got it from them back in November just after TWS ran out of stock. It was when they were doing free UK delivery for orders over £200. They seem to do this quite regularly now…takes a bit of the sting out of the duty/tax rises.

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Thank you for your suggestion @winechief Our web team has been looking into ways to enable members to opt-in to be emailed when a product comes back in stock, and although this feature isn’t available just yet we’ll update you/ the Community once this ‘notify me’ feature has been released. Cheers :slight_smile:


@winechief An excellent idea…and perhaps now a blindingly obvious thing to do :grinning:

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Hi Teresa

Where did you get to with this?

With March having been a full month with no unfulfilled orders, I mistakenly thought TWS had sorted out its stocking problems.

Clearly that is not the case as April has started rather badly with 2 separate orders unfulfilled.

I know it is only wine, but hopefully TWS has not returned to the situation that existed a few months ago when you placed your order and then flipped a coin for whether it turned up or not.

On the plus side, it keeps me off the vino, and saves you shipping single bottles.

Yeah, I’ve had the same email today about a delivery tomorrow. Bit annoying as it’s too late to add anything else to replace it, but at least it’s a low-cost case filler for my dad.